Weekend Recap

Acai bowl, itsy bitsy indulgences {A green bowl (packed with Spinach) and a new favorite addition: a dollop of almond butter!}

This weekend was one of “throwbacks.” I guess in doing so much “looking into the future” as of late, a few reminders of my past were completely appropriate. Friday night was spent looking at old college photos, reminiscing about the 2am burritos and pizza deliveries we noshed on, and how we were ever able to button our pants after we graduated. We spent Saturday evening out to dinner with friends we hadn’t seen in a year and a half (due to a move cross country) and spent the time laughing about old times and looking into the future. On the ride home, an oldie by Alanis Morissette, “Ironic” came on and I couldn’t help but turn the volume up and sing it at the top of my lungs (simultaneously remembering singing this song, while looking through YM on my bedroom floor #20years ago). Then a Sunday pool day where I spent so many weekends diving for rings, playing colors, and having canon ball contests. A little nostalgia is always good for the soul… it reminded me of where I’ve been, where I’m going, and what we hope to give to our little girl! Now, here’s to a quick week ahead!

Cucina Enoteca, itsy bitsy indulgences

IMG_0621{Found a tasty mocktail amongst the beautiful decor at Cucina Enoteca}

dairy free cream cheese bagel, itsy bitsy indulgences {A new favorite breakfast: Sprouted wheat bagel, dairy free cream cheese, chopped spinach, and heirloom tomatoes… and a book on the iPad with my new favorite headphones}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Pool Day}

spring rolls, itsy bitsy indulgences {Homemade shrimp spring rolls… ah-mazing, nutritious, and delicious!}

I’ve been looking for a lot of weight training workouts to increase my strength over the next few months and feel like this Women’s Health Weekend Challenge is perfect!

Since I’m finally out of the first trimester vegetables are back on the menu (the thought of them, and smell of them, made me nauseas) and I made my first visit to Active Culture… if you’re in So. Cal, you must stop by, I absolutely loved it (and went there too many times!).

We’re heading to San Diego this week and I couldn’t help but pick up this striped dress, blue crochet dress, and printed crops for the trip!

Be sure to check back this week for fun 4th of July posts! You won’t want to miss!