Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve always said that it takes a special man to raise only daughters…. and my dad was truly that man… The amount of patience he had to demonstrate while I (and Allison) grew up could not have been easy. The countless weekends at the ice rink, softball field, and at choir recitals had to have been a sacrifice to that once in a lifetime Chicago play-off game. As I reflect back I can identify so many special memories that my father helped to create… the idea of “No Agenda” vacations comes readily to mind. He helped me draw an alligator (if you could call the end result that) for my Florida report in elementary school, attempted to put my hair in a pony tail when my mom was away visiting my Aunt, and made himself readily available each summer of college to move me back and forth (even made himself available to be the “Captain” of the U-Haul for Allison), and supported me through my first real break-up with words of affirmation for the woman I am.  As I grow up and start to recognize the magnitude of what it took to raise us, I become more and more grateful for all the sacrifices, patience, and love that was given over the years.The sensitivity, communication, and honesty he needed to display served as examples for my current marriage. He is quite possibly one of the most authentically real and ethically sound people I know… and because my father gave me so much growing up, both tangible and intangible (thank you, Dad, for my nose, dimples, and O- blood type :)), I can only begin to demonstrate my appreciation with words of gratitude and little tokens of appreciation. Which is why I’ve put together my top ideas for Father’s Day. So, if your dad is a sports loving, wine sipping, and lover of relaxation then these gift ideas are right up his alley!

fathers day gift guide, itsy bitsy indulgences

Facial Lotions | Credit Card Holder | Golf Hat | Golf Shoes | Grilling Cookbook | Wine Carrier | Fitbit | Grill Master Tools | Poolside Basketball Hoop


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    What a nice tribute to your dad !!!