Weekend Recap

Labradoodle, itsy bitsy indulgences {Fresh flowers and a cute little puppy face to kick off Friday}

Shannon: I loved the short week, simply because it meant Friday arrived one day earlier 🙂  and I simply loved this weekend. A couple of light workouts and delicious meals. A mani-pedi combo on Saturday afternoon followed by a family BBQ to root the Blackhawks into the Stanley Cup. Sunday morning breakfast in bed and a gorgeous afternoon, which led to a nice picnic outside in the vineyards. Can’t all days be just like the weekend??

Allison: The short week was even shorter for me, as I took Tuesday off to fly back from Utah. And I’ll just say: I’m totally cool with the three-day work week thing. But, for those weekends, like these, that are 2 days, we must soak up every last drop, right? Luckily for us, the weather agreed, and we had warm sunshine all weekend, which I took full advantage of, poolside with a book. Welcome, Summer. I’ve been waiting for you 🙂 

IMG_4173{Indecisiveness on homemade pizza night led to a split down the middle: Hawaiian and Asparagus Tomato. Winner? Asparagus Tomato :)}

peonies, itsy bitsy indulgences {Fresh Peonies at Trader Joe’s}

gluten free waffles and fruit, itsy bitsy indulgences {Lazy Sunday morning breakfast in bed…. blueberry waffles, fruit, and eggs}

Giracci vineyards picnic, itsy bitsy indulgences {A Sunday funday picnic in the vineyards at Girraci}

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It’s officially time for bikinis and beaches. So let’s work the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge!

It’s been a stressful week for me, so I treated myself and bought this delicious smelling candle to soothe my nerves and anxieties…it’s “Crisp Champagne” scented…is it weird that I want to drink my candle…?

Since it’s basically Summer, I’ve obviously completely shifted gears in my wardrobe (to all those jackets and long-sleeved tops: SEE YA!), and am currently eyeing this cardigan (which doubles as a fab coverup) and this fun romper, and this amazing beach bag.

Happy Monday!


  1. That pizza looks so good! Did you follow a recipe? I love the pink peonies! Thanks for sharing!
    xo, Maria
    Gal and the City

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Hi Maria 🙂 No recipe… we like to create our own when we make it homemade! And aren’t peonies just the prettiest?! Thanks for reading!