Weekend Recap

blooming peonies, itsy bitsy indulgences {Love the day after peonies start to bloom}

Shannon: I love when Weekend Recap is posted on Tuesdays because it only means one thing… there wasn’t any work on Monday! This long weekend was everything is should have been. Time spent relaxing, even snuck in a nap here and there. A little adventure to LA for some delish tacos and guacamole, a brunch with friends on Sunday, and a Memorial Day BBQ with family. It was filled with good food, drinks, company, and conversation. As we prepare for the week ahead, the only question I have is… how much longer until 4th of July??! And thank you to all the service men and women who defend our country and allow us to have Monday’s off!

Allison: This weekend was one of goodbyes. Michael and I headed off for a road trip to Utah, and kicked it off late Friday (i.e. 11:30 pm arrival), but were determined to make this an unforgettable last hoorah for the next year that he’ll be away. We hit the strip at 12:30 am for a night of drinks and inevitable people watching (is there any better place for that than Vegas?) The following day we spent 6 hours in the car, passing through Arizona and Utah, and setting up his apartment. Hikes and probably overly-indulgent meals were had, and we soaked up and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. There is much to say for the expression “It’s not ‘Goodbye,’ it’s ‘See you later,'” as we’ve realized.  And it’s always a treat to have something to look forward to right?  Can July 10th come any sooner???? In the meantime, who wants to hang out?? 😉

Escuela Tacos Los Angeles, itsy bitsy indulgences

esuela taco los angeles, itsy bitsy indulgences {This is where a guacamole craving led us… Escuela Taqueria in Los Angeles. Worth the drive? Um… YES!}

summer gladiator sandals, itsy bitsy indulgences {Memorial Day necessities… a pineapple, gladiator sandals, a good book, and beach bag}

bison burgers, itsy bitsy indulgences {Memorial Day bison burger + sweet potato fries, with a side of watermelon… perfect way to kick off summer}

IMG_2612{Gorgeous views from a day of exploring the Utah trails}

Now that summer has “unofficially” arrived, be sure to check out the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge. If you’re looking for another quick workout that you can do at home, check out our hotel workout… which is perfectly suitable for a home living room.

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