Weekend Recap

Palm Springs Sunset, itsy bitsy indulgences {A glorious cotton candy sky sunset}

Shannon: Immediately after returning from Europe, TJ and I decided that, while the trip was absolutely amazing, it was anything but relaxing. I don’t know many people who head to Europe for R&R (although, I’m sure you could do just that on a little Greek Island… or the Almafi Coast….). When we are seeking a weekend filled with nothing but resting and relaxing, we hop onto the 10 freeway (well, actually, the 91 to the 215 to the 60 to the 10… those darn CA freeways) for Palm Springs. This last weekend we did just that and chose La Quinta Resort and Spa as our home away from home. There are a hundred reasons why this hotel is one of our favorites in the desert, but I’ve compiled a top 5 list for you… just in case you’re looking for a perfect place to stay for a weekend in the desert.

1. The gym is phenomenal. Part of rest and relaxation for me is a morning workout to set the tone for the day. I love getting the blood flowing, and their gym comes with top of the line equipment and cooled towels.

2. 41 swimming pools. Take your pick. You can’t go wrong… and feel free to bring along any food and beverage you want… it’s welcomed! We typically pick up some sandwiches and drinks, along with a cooler, and set up at the pool for the day 🙂

3. Twenty 6 and Morgans. Two delicious on property restaurants. Both feature twinkly lit patios along with fire pits. Cocktails are craft and the food is amazing.

4. Service is impeccable. I’d say about 60% of the time we end up getting upgraded…

5. Sheer beauty. The property is immaculately manicured with palm trees, bougainvillea, and cacti. The spanish style roofs and tiles adds to the ambiance.

Allison: This weekend was a bittersweet one for me. As Mike prepares to “ship off” for the next year for his fourth year of school, we spent the entire weekend in full-blown celebration mode. Friday night: BBQ/ hang out with his school friends. Saturday/night: BBQ/going away party with, well, more friends. Sunday: the hockey game (of course…go hawks!) and dinner with family. While exhausting, it was so cool to see the support and encouragement he and his friends give each other as they prepare for this incredibly exciting, yet scary time for them. And I felt genuinely fortunate to be part of it. Looking forward, there are going to be some pretty significant changes for both of us, and we’re 5 parts excited to spend next weekend road tripping to Utah for his first externship site, talking about goals, and 5 parts anxious about the uncertainties the next year holds. That’s life, though, right? What’s the expression? “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”

Watermelon cooler, itsy bitsy indulgences {A little hydration in the desert sun}

tile staircase, itsy bitsy indulgences, la quinta palm springs {Love these tiled staircases all over the property}

tribal print tunic, itsy bitsy indulgences {Enjoying some post-pool chips and salsa on our balcony. Tunic, Sandals}

Twenty Six La Quinta Resort and Spa, itsy bitsy indulgences {Fresh watermelon juice and a veggie packed egg white omelet to kick off a beautiful Sunday}

La Quinta Resort and Spa, palm springs, itsy bitsy indulgences {The bougainvillea is out of this world on the property}

Palm Springs doors, itsy bitsy indulgences {A little bit of Palm Springs charm}

photo 1-17{The beginning of a hockey game is my favorite: the beer is cold, the players are fresh, the ice is clean and slick, and everyone is pumped!}

photo 2-17{Roomie catch-up with homemade popcorn, the sofa-bed, and catching up on Teen Mom (don’t judge). The perfect cap to a BUSY weekend!}

{Memorial Day is rapidly approaching (What? Just the other day I thought we were still in March…) and if your plans involve anything water related (i.e. ocean, pool, lake, river…) then you’ll want to incorporate the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge (perfect if you want to look fabulous in some of our favorite gladiator sandals… see below!) into your workouts this week. Also, don’t forget about our summer fitness series legs and butt, arms, and belly!

I’m not sure if the “caged” or “gladiator” style sandal ever really went away, but this summer it’s back with a vengeance. I hesitated a little, given that I already had a few pairs from their last turn in the sun, but I recently purchases this gold pair (love them.) and also love this black studded pair.

And… if you’re loving the palm print style that’s everywhere right now check out this coverup (a personal favorite that I also wear tucked into jeans), skirt, and dress!