The Flat Belly Guide

flat belly guide // my tea detox // itsy bitsy indulgences {Gold foil print c/o Paperlue}

The first thing that vanished (or maybe it was the first thing I noticed) on my indulgent trip to Europe was my waistline… call it bloat, call it water retention… whatever it was, it took my waistline and ran. I didn’t freak out, I just knew it was time to get back on track (as seen here). In addition to getting back to clean eating, I relied heavily on “flat belly foods.” From what I have gathered over the years of reading “health and fitness” magazines, is that bloating, and a disappearing waistline, can be attributed to slower digestion. Adding certain foods can help speed up digestion, get the food moving out, and give you that waistline back. Another added (and maybe more important) bonus?? These foods are über healthy for you, providing you with key nutrients for energy, glowing skin (convinced yet??), and health. And since eating healthy works in combination with regular exercise, I’ve included my favorite go-to core workout when I need to get the belly in shape pronto (like, now, since Palm Springs in this weekend…) (some early core workouts here, here, here).

Something new I added this time around though is Your Tea (seen here, here). I started it upon trip termination, to help speed up the de-bloating process. Tiny Tea is a combination of Chinese herbs that are formulated to cleanse and nourish the digestive system (I guess that’s the antidote to consuming mass quantities of fried goat cheese…). The reason for the focus on the digestive system? Traditional Chinese Medicine (I’m a firm believer in acupuncture and am regularly told this by my acupuncturist…) believes that the digestive system is the crux of overall health. A good digestive system = a happy, healthy, and satisfying life (I mean seriously though, how crummy do you feel when your stomach is out of whack?). Tiny Tea helps to facilitate just this… reduce bloating and indigestion, increase energy, and facilitate glowing skin. I can attest first hand, that adding it to my routine with the below foods and core work out, has me feeling confident about that bikini for Palm Springs this weekend (insert wink face here).

flat belly foods

5 minute core workout // itsy bitsy indulgences

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