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Eiffel Tower, Paris, Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

I’ve been fortunate to have visited Paris several times in my life. Each time bringing with it a new experience. The first time, I was in high school. It was only for a day, because I was studying abroad in France for the summer, and we only had a short time. The second time, my grandmother took me as a high school graduation gift. We saw all the sites, took in a cabaret show at Moulin Rouge (yes, she’s that cool), and dinner cruised along the Seine). The last two Parisian adventures have been with TJ.

Paris has so much to offer and each time I leave, I leave a piece of myself there… It is hands down my favorite European city for all its beauty, culture, restaurants, and life that abounds. I have never, in all my times visiting Paris, been “ready to leave” the city. As I type this now, I become nostalgic for all the memories that I have there… So, I’ll let the photos and commentary  do the rest of the talking. I’ve also included our favorite dining spots (all recommended to us by Parisians themselves…). Hope you enjoy 🙂

Breakfast Spots:

HolyBelly: This spot was a-mazing. Try the poached eggs with their marinated mushrooms… or, if you’re feeling indulgent like T.J., try the dish with pancakes, fried eggs, and bacon (topped like a sandwich) and smothered in a bourbon butter syrup (yup, not itsy bitsy at all).

L’audree– Famous for their their macaroons but the restaurant side is delicious too. I opted for the eggs Benedict, T.J. the french toast.  It was quite possibly the prettiest I’ve ever seen little breakfast I had ever seen.


Cojean: So, there really isn’t anything very special about this place… it’s on a lot of the street corners. What I gather is that it is a quick and HEALTHY “go to” for those who live and work in the city. It was jam packed at lunch. We both enjoyed a healthy (and lighter) lunch… and were just as satisfied.

Miznon: So… this is one of the best pitas I have ever had. Not only is the ambiance of the little (trendy) hole in the wall rocking, but the food is exceptionally fresh, healthy (I guess that depends on what you get), and belly filling. We opted for the grilled cauliflower head and roasted sweet potato as our side (please don’t judge that we ordered sides at lunch….). For the main event, I ordered the ratatouille pita (delicious) and TJ had the steak pita and the lamb pita . If cool tile is your thing… check out the bathroom and snap the perfect IG picture…. #ihavethisthingwithtilefloors


Verjus: If an 8 course meal, accompanied by wine pairings, with an optional cheese tasting is your thing (and I don’t know many people who would say “No” to this…) then Verjus is your spot. The decor is rustic, yet refined, and the staff is accommodating. Oh, and might I add that the house sourdough with salted butter to start AND the brown butter ice cream to end, are the perfect bookmarks to an already superb dining experience.

Ellsworth: The sister restaurant to Verjus (owned by the same people… I’d love to befriend them… I’m sure they have exceptional dinner parties), this was an equally sensational dining experience. From the broccoli with anchovy butter to the lamb meatballs with fava hummus… you couldn’t go wrong with any dish selection. I particularly loved the minimalistic decor… white marbled table tops are my thing 🙂

Fish La Boissonnerie: We arrived and they didn’t have our reservation. A tad embarrassing. They treated us to wine and beer on the house…. then later apologized that it was their error. If that doesn’t demonstrate their exceptionally friendly service…. then let the food do the talking. TJ and I typically try to order different dishes so that we can taste off of the other’s plate, but this time we both ordered the lamb (I know, I know…. at a place called The Fish). I am now running out of adjectives to describe just how tasty my meal was….

Buddha Bar (previous visit): If you’re looking for trendy cocktails and an Asian/French inspired cuisine this is right up your ally. Think Basil Gimlets and multiple variations on the Bellini. It’s a great spot if you’re looking to be “in the mix.”

Kong (previous visit): Similar to Buddha Bar… hip, trendy, pricey, and a pretty exceptional wine and cocktail menu. It sits in an enclosed rooftop, so the views are pretty spectacular as well.

Sourire de Saigon: EXCELLENT Vietnamese food. The frog legs were delicious. It’s a little hole in the wall… but it’s oh-so-good.

Les Ombres: So… this spot is hands down a tourist trap… BUT If you want to enjoy some fine dining, while looking UP at the Eiffel Tower (opt for the later seating- 9pm since they are only 2 hour seatings- so you can watch the Eiffel Tower light show) this is perfect.

Lock Bridge, Paris, Itsy Bitsy Indulgences


lock bridge Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences {The lock bridge is a must see spot. You can purchase a lock from any of the street vendors, write a little message on the lock, and then attach it to any of the panels… the bridge is in the process of shutting down, and it is pretty much only for tourists :))

cafe in Paris // itsy bits indulgences

cafe in Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

Paris street cafe // itsy bitsy indulgences {Sit at any of the sidewalk cafes and order a drink and some snacks… it’s wonderful people watching)

Verejus, Paris // Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

Verjus Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences {Dinner at Verjus}

tuileries Paris // Itsy BItsy Indulgences

tuileries paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

tuileries Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

tuileries Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences {We enjoyed a few mid-afternoon strolls through the Tuileries. Paris has some of the most beautiful gardens that you don’t want to miss. You can have a picnic or just relax with a pastry as you watch all the different happenings.}

Laudree Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

Laudress Paris // Its bitsy indulgences

Laudree Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

Laudree Pars // itsy bitsy indulgences {We enjoyed breakfast at L’audree two mornings, since it was a quick 5 minute walk from our hotel.}

Picnic on Pont Neuf Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

Pont Neuf Paris // Itsy Bitsy Indulgences


Pont Neuf Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

Ellsworth Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

Sunset on the Seine Paris // Itsy Bitsy Indulgences {My favorite evening was when we had a picnic at Pont Neuf. There were tons of locals… it seems that this is their “spot” for post-work socializing and wine/beer. We picked up some snacks and champagne at a local market and devoured them as we enjoyed the breeze and watched the crowds. We headed to dinner at Ellsworth and as we were walking back we caught this beautiful sunset on the Seine.}

Frenchie to Go Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences

Frenchie to Go // itsy bitsy indulgences {Frenchie to Go was a delicious and laid-back environment for a quick. late, breakfast}

parisian textiles // itsy bitsy indulgences {LOVE all of the textile prints}

Arc de triomphe Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences {Far away views of the Arc de Triomphe}

holybelly Paris // itsy itsy indulgences


holybelly Paris // itsy bitsy indulgences


{We headed out to the region Champagne for a day, but before we did so, we couldn’t miss HolyBelly… can you see why now?? DON’T miss this spot!}

Tattinger Champagne France // itsy bitsy indulgences

IMG_2515{Vest, Shoes, Purse}

Veuve Cliquot Champagne France // itsy bitsy indulgences

Veuve Cliquot Champagne France // itsy bitsy indulgences

Veuve Cliquot caves Champagne France // itsy bitsy indulgences

IMG_2603{This was our second time heading out to Champagne. The first time we tasted at Veuve and Moet. This time we repeated Veuve (a must) and visited Tattinger. Both were exceptional. For lunch, we grabbed some sandwiches at a local market and ate them in a small park under the cherry blossoms. It was a wonderful day! If you’re looking to do this day trip I recommend catching the train out of Paris. It is only a 45 minute ride.}

Paris France // Itsy Bitsy Indulgences







S&TJ_in_Paris_18{ (outfit: Dress, Shoes) Since this was our 5 year anniversary trip, we wanted to be able to remember it forever. When you’re traveling, it’s so hard to get “the perfect” photo… I mean, how many times can you really ask someone to retake your photo?? So, we hired Katie Mitchell. She, and her work, are amazing. She was an absolute joy to work with, and her work speaks for itself.}


  1. The photos are breathtaking, it looks like you thoroughly enjoyed your holiday! I’ve only just been introduced to Laduree in St. Tropez last year, the macaroons are exquisite, I can only imagine how wonderful their cafe is. And the anniversary photo session — perfection.

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you Marcia. It was truly an amazing trip and we both feel so blessed to have been able to go and do all that we did!

  2. Gorgeous! I am so excited for our trip in September and thanks for the tip about Champagne only being 45 minutes away, I had no idea!

  3. All the photos are lovely but those professional shots to celebration your anniversary are beyond. What an amazing idea to do in Paris. Now I am dreaming of a photo shoot too! Gorgeous!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thanks lady! It was such a fun experience and so hard to choose favorites! Her work is amazing.

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