Weekend Recap

pineapples and mangos, itsy bitsy indulgences {Fresh pineapple reminds me that summer is right around the corner}

Shannon: The weekend after vacation is supposed to be relaxing right? Um, I guess not. We were greeted Friday morning with car problems (yet again…) so our weekend was largely spent at a car dealership… fun (not). I did squeeze in a quick trip to Anthropologie for a top I had been eyeing, and between negotiations, there was a lunch stop at my favorite vegetarian spot… and, oh yeah, and there was this little fight on Saturday evening…. so we watched that too. I was mildly complaining about this weekend to TJ when he so kindly pointed out to me that “There is a silver lining in everything” (ever the optimist he is….). Which, to a realist like me is an always friendly reminder 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Allison: To answer Shannon’s question: Yes, the weekend after vacation is theoretically supposed to be relaxing. Execution, however, is a different story. For this first time in several weekends, I felt like I finally achieved that elusive balance between plans/outings and relaxation. Mike and I spent our afternoons laying poolside, and Saturday night at a banquet (AKA Optometry prom), and whiled away our Sunday watching hockey (Go Blackhawks!). There is something so magical about not having any obligations or plans (fun as they may be), and just being able to “wing it” for the weekend….I forgot what how fabulous that feels!  

IMG_0754{Delicious and nutritious lunch at Veggie Grill}

IMG_2781{A homemade gluten free veggie pasta salad to watch the fight (not pictured? Damn good ribs…)}

pressed soft serve, itsy bitsy indulgences {The first after a three week hiatus}

green juice, itsy bitsy indulgences {My first green drink in my new blender (I’d been eyeing this bad boy for a while!)

I’m (Shannon here) heading to Palm Springs in two weeks for some R&R by the pool…. which means bathing suit time! AFTER an overly indulgent trip… so, this Weekend Challenge was definitely on the agenda Saturday morning!

Speaking of Palm Springs, I have my eye on this hat (oh wait, I already bought it), this bathing suit top and bottom, cover-up, dress, and shoes.

I absolutely love this video on paying it forward… it’s a good little piece of inspiration for the work week ahead.