The Perfect Spring Dress: Under $100!

Lately I’ve found myself wearing dresses or skirts most of the days of the week, just basking in our mild Southern California weather. And then when I go shopping (which is way too frequently, if we’re being honest) it’s all for dresses. Work dresses, sun-dresses, party dresses…you name it, I don’t discriminate! There’s something about perfect weather that just makes pants and blouses sound atrocious to me…am I alone here???

So I decided to put my newfound dress addiction to good, and I have put together some of my favorite Spring dresses. Since it’s Spring and there is still plenty of wiggle room weather-wise, I’ve included all types of dresses: Maxi, shift, sundress, etc. so that we don’t miss an occasion! And the best part: They’re all under $100! Because when you’re shopping as much as I am, it’s probably a good idea to save some money for rent and grocery shopping (I guess)…

Spring Dress under $100

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P.S. Shannon comes home soon…Who else is excited to see the Europe post?!