Summer Time Series: Legs and Butt


Photo courtesy of Fitness Magazine

They say Memorial Day begins with Memorial Day. Well if that’s the case, we are about 4 or 5 weeks out, friends! And to be 100% honest, with all of these vacations (Costa Rica, Hawaii, Big Bear, Stagecoach this weekend…) it’s been pretty darn hard to stay disciplined in the kitchen and in the gym (not to mention a pretty gnarly shin injury as a result of a botched box jump). But, as much as I try to deny it, the inevitable fact is that Summer is imminent, which means I will be bikini-clad all too soon. All to say: It’s time to get serious.

Hence this mini series: One body section each week with our favorite exercises targeting said sections. This week: legs and butt. My favorite of all days, leg day energizes me and makes me feel strong and powerful. Plus, shorts, skirts, bikinis, dresses….what’s the one common denominator: LEGS!

Top Butt and Leg Exercises; Summer