Weekend Recap

These days, Shannon and I seem to be in a sort of perpetual motion. We work work work Monday-Friday, and then Friday-Sunday we’re both off either attending an event, celebrating something, or just escaping for some weekend relaxation. For example: Shannon and TJ are currently busy frolicking in gorgeous casas and dining on tapas in Barcelona, picnicking and cruising around the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, and will soon be revisiting the Champagne capitol of the world: Paris.

Meanwhile, I spent the weekend stateside in Big Bear with the boyfriend and his friends. While there was no snow and the weather was surprisingly warm, there was no shortage of celebration and activity. Something that I realized this weekend that I probably should have had a grasp on earlier was that it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you enjoy the company you’re with. A good chunk of our weekend was spent in the cabin playing card games and sipping cocktails, and it was an absolutely amazing weekend. I felt surrounded by genuinely good people, and for that reason, we probably could have never left the cabin and been just as happy. One of my favorite expressions that sort of encapsulates all of that verbiage is “Time enjoyed wasting is never wasted.”

photo 1-16

photo 2-14{A nice little Saturday spent exploring and fishing Big Bear Lake on a pontoon}

photo 3-9{And of course at The Bowling Barn…because why would you not go bowling in a barn?}

photo-54{Goodbye Barcelona, hello Switzerland! Shoes | Scarf | Coat |}

photo-55{Swiss Pretzels…Delicious! |Shoes|}photo-56{Picnic at the top of Mt. Pilatus}

After a weekend of indulging, and an upcoming weekend of pretty much the same thing, I’m still needing the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge!

Mother’s day is coming up (Mom, if you’re reading this, keep scrolling!). I’m loving this floral maxi skirt, perfect for Spring. Also, how sweet is this Dogeared “Mom” Pendant??

Finally, I’m heading to the boyfriend’s “Eye Ball” (get it? It’s like prom for all of him and his fellow optometry students), and I’m “eye-balling” this white shift dress and this white lace dress…thoughts?

Happy Monday!