Pop of Orange

orange top, navy tack pants, itsy bitsy indulgences

I’ve always been wary of the color orange. For a couple of reasons really. First, I feel like a pumpkin in the color and have always struggled with color parings… not wanting to look too “Halloween.” Second, it’s so bold, and I’m never sure if I’m that “bold” of a person. Orange makes the statement, “Here I am, look at me.” (that last piece is the uncomfortable part for me…).

Yet, when I saw this top, I instantly knew color pairings that wouldn’t have me looking like I was longing for October, and it felt like a subtle statement piece. Sometimes subtle is the best way to go. You know the saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick?” Well, that’s how I feel about this outfit. The navy neutralizes the attention demanding nature of the orange… subdues it if you will. I guess that is life. We all need a neutralizing agent… something to bring us back to center. People, events saying… whatever it might be, we all need a little something to come back to the middle 🙂

orange pleione top

navy track pants, vince allison mules



gorjana cuff, david yurman bracelet

{Outfit Details | Top: ℅ Pleione Clothing, sold out similar here | Pants: Banana Republic | Jacket: Nordstrom | Shoes: Vince, cheaper option here (and 25% off) | Sunglasses: Valentino | Purse: Chloe (cheaper here, here) | V necklace: Gorjana | Gold Cuff: Gorjana}

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