Weekend Recap

shrimp ceviche {Shrimp ceviche and guacamole… nice little Saturday indulgence}

Shannon: As I write this we (TJ and I) are sitting at the airport, waiting to board our flight to Europe. It started a little rough… with a flight delay and a change in our connecting flight… which means we will miss the first event of the trip (since a part of this is for TJ’s work). But… on the bright side… that’s why there are champagne bars in an international terminal and my luggage was only 5 pounds over! So, in looking at the light side of life, the plan is to get to the hotel, grab two glasses of champagne (key here :)), head up to the room, freshen up quickly, and then head to the event… in the hopes of catching the last 2 hours! Cross your fingers! Have a great few weeks all!! Xo

Allison: Who else is jealous?? I am! While Shannon eagerly spent the weekend preparing for this exciting trip, I spent it in full-force celebration mode. With a very special (wink wink) birthday on Saturday, it was all about reflecting on the boyfriend’s 27th year, looking forward to what 28 brings him and us, and indulging in food, drink, and dancing! It feels good to have things to celebrate, and it’s the perfect time to give thanks and be humbled by the blessings we have….and it’s also a perfect excuse to dress up and indulge a bit!

love suja juice{The last meal… healthy as can be… since the next few weeks will be indulgently filled}

image-18{Easing the pain of a flight delay with some champs and a good read}

image-20{This birthday bag contained some goodies for the birthday boy!}

image-19 {Enjoyed the absolutely blissful 75 degree weather on my patio with a 5:00 happy hour. Ingredients: 1 flowy cobalt blue dress, pink springtime toes, and a crisp glass of sauv blanc)

Looking ahead, I see Stagecoach (Southern California’s 3-day country music festival) in just 2 weeks…which means I’m needing to be extra vigilant with the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge!

Speaking of Stagecoach, I’m obviously using it as an excuse to shop for some cute festival pieces! I’ve my got eyes on this flowy shift dress and these shorts.

I’m feeling nostalgic for Hawaii, so this Wildfox Pineapple Sweatshirt is probably happening (ok, does it still count as nostalgic when you start looking for jobs over there???)

And, for no reason at all besides the fact that I fell in love, I caved and pulled the trigger on these Kristin Cavallari Booties (on mega sale!)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I am laughing at your Stagecoach excuse to buy new festival pieces because we are headed there too and for the last two months the hubby has been asking what is in the boxes that keep arriving and every time my answer is “Stagecoach”. Cheers to excuses!