joie skirt, spring skirt, spring style

When I was younger, elementary school age, I remember learning to paint with watercolors. It always required a perfect balance between the amount of water you dropped from your brush into the little pool of paint, and the mixing of the two together. Too much water and the colors bled. Too little water and the colors were a more paint-like consistency. Deciding that took too much effort, I became more intrigued with the colors of the water. Often it was left to be tossed out, murky and grimy. But sometimes, and it was often rare, the colors were a perfect blend that would have looked a hundred times better on paper than what I was actually painting.

When I spotted this skirt on a shopping trip with my girlfriend it immediately took me back to my watercoloring years. With a whimsical hemline and beautifully balanced pastel pallet, it was perfectly romantic for my upcoming trip to Europe. I watched it for several weeks, and when it went on sale I decided it was finally time to hang the artistic masterpiece in my closet.

I think we all have those pieces. You know, those pieces that you often feel are too beautiful to even wear, so they are often saved for “special occasions.” Which is why it seemed fitting that this little beauties first appearance was at Easter Sunday service :). Next appearance? Barcelona.

joie watercolor skirt, spring style

joie skirt, spring skirt, spring style

valentino rockstud pumps, chloe marcie bag


watercolor skirt, spring skirt{Outfit Details | Skirt: Joie (other pretty spring options here, here, here) | Sweater: J. Crew (on sale!) | Sunglasses: Valentino | Purse: Chloe (similar options here, here) | Shoes: Valentino | Gold Bracelet}

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  1. I love the cut of that skirt! So different and pretty. I love flowy skirts for spring, and that print is so pretty