Hawai’i 2015

If you know me at all, you know my absolute favorite place in the world is Hawaii. It started with the family memories we formed there, returning year after year starting at the ripe age of 7. I can remember countless laughs, tan lines, adventures, and memories created across the Hawaiian Islands for years.

In more recent years, my focus has shifted to the island of O’ahu. I’ve had some pretty unique opportunities to learn more about the island in some non-touristy ways, as well as indulge in the ultimate tourist attractions (i.e. Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, etc… SO not ashamed). And I’ve formed quite an attachment to the island. So when bf was looking for a way for the two of us to celebrate his completion of Part 1 of Boards (for Optometry school), my mind instantly went to Hawaii. Fast forward a few months, and we are onboard Hawaiian Airlines flight 1, sipping mai tais and looking forward to sharing the magic of Hawaii with each other! It was a short trip (3 nights total, 3 and a half days), but we squeezed every minute out of it!


IMG_8102{So excited to have arrived in Waikiki! And to have this view from our room}




IMG_5395{A morning hike up Diamond Head resulted in these spectacular 360 degree views. Followed by a refreshing Hawaiian tradition: Shave Ice}


IMG_5401{Happy Hour soaking in this view and enjoying some local brews}



IMG_8152{Spent a rainy, windy Saturday morning kayaking from Kailua/Lanikai Beaches to a few nearby islands: Flat Island-a very flat (duh), small island, and then…}

IMG_8179 {Landed our kayak on Moku Nui, the northern of the two Mokulua Islands}IMG_8167


IMG_8175{Moku Nui was gorgeous! It was SUCH an adventure getting here…the instructors told us to kayak parallel to the beach in order to avoid the reef under the water farther out, then kayak straight toward the island. As relatively inexperienced paddlers, we somehow drifted with the current out to that reef, and battled choppy currents, waves, and lots of said reef. Getting there in one piece was a relief to say the least!}



IMG_8186{Kayaked back to Kailua Bay…I kid you not these pictures are not edited or enhanced. The water is actually this color. We could have stayed there all day!}

IMG_8193 {I brought none of these items…oops}IMG_8192{Advanced paddlers only…We went for it. YOLO!}

IMG_8122{We felt this was earned after all that hard work!}


IMG_8203{Rounded out the trip with a drizzly dinner at Tiki’s Grill & Bar, this killer sunset, and some dancing later in the night! Romper found here.}

All in all, it was a tripped jam-packed with everything that vacation is: adventure, relaxation, and excellent company!

We stayed at the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, which we really enjoyed. It’s not The Four Seasons, but we loved the location and the view!

Our favorite night out was at RumFire at the Sheraton. It was spent indulging in local tropical cocktails, kalua pork nachos, and lots of dancing…all with a view of the ocean!

Kayaking out to the islands was definitely our biggest adventure and challenge. We went with Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks, and opted for the 4 hour self-guided tour. Looking back, it may have been more helpful to have done a guided tour (especially kayaking out to Moku Nui Island), but we were overall extremely satisfied, and a little bit impressed, with our afternoon…including our pizza lunch (which was included in the package)!


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Your pictures are fabulous !!! Colors of water and sky are amazing !!!! Sounds like a GREAT trip !!!

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