Weekend Recap

newport beach ca back bay{A weekend morning walk in back bay}

This weekend couldn’t have come quick enough for me (Allison, different story, as she jetted off to Hawaii for an extended weekend!) as the work week seemed to drag on. After our traditional Friday evening, I decided it was time to pull out my spin shoes and head to Soul Cycle to try out one of their classes (I used to be a religious cycler going to 3 classes a week… then I stopped and created my own routine and did it independently at the gym when the spin classes weren’t going on…). It was one of the best workout experiences I have had in a long time. With the lights dim, candles lit, the beats bumping, the theme of the class was all about connecting to yourself, your ride, and listening to your body. It was about remembering not to compare yourself to the rider next to you because, “Every bike is different, everybody is different.” It was also about listening to your body enough to know how to push it through fear. About choosing to do something good for your body. It inspired me not to compare myself to others, to not let fear hold me back just because I may not succeed, and it reminded me that each day I have a choice as to how I want to treat my body. I can’t wait to get back in the saddle, clip in my shoes, and get in the zone. It left me invigorated for the week ahead and I haven’t had that feeling for a work week in a long time! Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead… and be sure to check back later this week for Allison’s recap of Hawaii!

soul cycle newport beach fashion island

pressed juicery {Saturday (and Sunday!) morning spin at Soul Cycle, immediately followed by presssed soft serve… this combo was vanilla and greens flavor!)

IMG_0606{Whipped up a batch of black bean brownies… recipe to come later this week}

backyard lights {Backyard lights at mom and dad’s, where we spent Saturday night sipping wine, laughing, and eating a feast}

chloe blush bucket bag{Picked up these blooms to start the workweek! Also, did you enter the giveaway for this bag and sunnies??}

In case soul cycle wasn’t enough, I also did the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge! Core and buttocks at the same time? Sign me up!

Too much wine this weekend? I stumbled across this workout which is supposed to mitigate any sluggishness you may feel 🙂

As always, sharing a few items that I’ve had my eye on: these studded sandals, this white eyelet dress, this perfect weekend skirt, paired with this transitional sweater.


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