Weekend Recap

IMG_9331{A little viogner and rose wine glasses}

The theme for this weekend was separate but similar. While our (Allison and mine) Friday evenings couldn’t have been more different (Mine, wine on the couch. Allison, a night of salsa dancing), our Saturday was strikingly similar. We both tested our physical endurance with runs on the trails of the beach canyons, and then enjoyed a night of wine and grilling with our SO’s. Then only to reconvene with the entire family for an al fresco bar-b-que… in Winter. It was a delightful weekend filled with new accomplishments and time with those we care about. What I can’t believe is that we are already into the second week of Febr  March (see… I really can’t believe it). I had so many plans for the first few months of the year… brush up on my French, finish some decorating odds and ends around the condo, and plan a sister weekend… none of which have been accomplished yet… I guess that’s just the result of having too much fun with life, right??

poached eggs on avocado toast {Mastering the art of the poached egg… alongside avocado toast and lox}

Laguna Canyon Hike

yellow wild flowers {Laguna Canyon and Crystal Cove offered spectacular ocean views and these beautiful yellow wildflowers}

lamb  burgers {Lamb burgers and sweet potato fries… nothing much else to be said about those.}

photo-33{Summer started early… Sunday night patio dining al fresco has begun!}

Tank tops are right around the corner (for some of use they are already here, for others they are buried under the snow….)! Check out this move to sculpt those defined shoulders at Women’s Health Weekend Challenge.

For a little more inspiration, check out this beach bum workout Allison put together last year. I promise you your legs will be jell-o after you complete it!

This weekend’s wish-list included this blue faux leather jacket (SO soft), these ballerina like flats, and these white destroyed boyfriend jeans.

Have a great week everyone!