Weekend Recap

flowers and mules{Getting through the 9-5 grind always calls for blooms}

When I was younger, elementary school age, rainy days were excuses for jumping in puddles, lunch inside the classroom playing heads-up 7-up, oversized puffer jackets and rain boots. Now, in my old adult age (that’s a joke), it’s an excuse for warm homemade soup, fires in the fireplace, movie marathons, and binge reading last month’s magazine issues (since all this sunny weather has made it impossible for me to allow myself to sit inside). I took the downpour of rain that Southern California received this weekend as a sign to slow down and do some self-care. Pre-rain involved time with girlfriends (for both Allison and me) and once the rain arrived it was time to change into stretchy pants and veg on the couch with homemade dishes and perfectly paired wine. So, thank you rain. Thank you for allowing me to slow down and recharge. You’re the best 🙂

lattes at zinc market newport beach ca{Lattes, laughs, a little walking, and a lot of shopping with a girlfriend}

pressed juicery soft serve {Pressed Juicery soft serve- dairy free, gluten free, and no sugar added… I promise it’s delicious! We liked the vanilla flavor the best.}

rainy sunset sky {Rainy Sunset Sky}

wine and pizza date night {Homemade pizza and wine night as the rain fell outside}

Spring is right around the corner! Next thing we know, it’ll be time for all those bathing suits! Check out Women’s Health Weekend Challenge.

Made these delicious vegan/GF tacos this past week… they are perfect for a quick, healthy, and delicious weeknight meal….

Mornings typically consist of a little on-line perusal of some favorite shops. These items somehow made their way into the shopping cart…. white pumps, flowing skirt, panama hat, and striped boyfriend shirt.

Have a great week everyone!