Weekend Recap

IMG_8135{These pink beauties to kick off the weekend}

The weekend after a getaway is always a catch up weekend for me. Nothing too exciting, but a weekend, where, on Sunday evening, you can say “Well, wasn’t that productive?” It was pretty low key over here. A big workout Saturday morning, followed by a fish taco fiesta with yummy margaritas (on the couch) in the evening. A lazy Sunday morning with church streamed in… AND catching up with Allison and the family after their 12:30am touch down in the USA. As the week ahead approaches, I’m trying to set an intention to be present, not compare where I am with anyone else, and to smile more. I’m not making any guarantees here, but I’m certainly going to try!

IMG_7876{Saturday errands with streets lined with these beauties isn’t that bad…}

IMG_8117{Grapefruit margaritas to compliment the yummiest fish tacos}

IMG_8131{Rainy Sunday morning at home brunch}

IMG_8553{Attempting to organize all the jewelry… it’s an on-going process….}

photo-30{Rainy day reflections}

photo-31{The last sunset of Costa Rica… so glorious}

After this weekend’s workout, I’m pretty tired… but will definitely find a way to incorporate this week’s Women’s Health Challenge

TJ and I just put the finishing touches on our 5 year anniversary trip to Europe… which includes an anniversary portrait session in Paris with Katie Mitchell Photography. So. Excited.

Thanks to my mom, I’ve discovered the wonderful world of cooking with a pressure cooker… seriously, it’s AMAZING! Time saving and delicious! Sign me up please.

A few items that have made their way into my wish list: these white pants, these open flat mules, and these printed heels (25% off!).

Have a good week!