Weekend Recap

IMG_7691{Flowers and Rose Champagne}

Spontaneity was the word of the weekend. All week TJ and I scoured travel sites for a hotel up in Santa Ynez, for Valentine’s Day evening. We already had plans to head up to Santa Barbara Sunday, and we wanted to squeeze out one extra day from the long weekend. Yet, all searches turned up unsuccessful (and believe me, it wasn’t due to a lack of persistence). So, we went to bed Friday evening content and set that we would be spending Valentine’s Day with each other, a bottle of champagne, and some homemade pizza.

Fast forward 8 hours and I am awakened by TJ letting me know that at 4am he woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep…. so he went on-line, a room was available, he booked it, and then fell back asleep. SURPRISE! The scurry began as we made arrangements for captain (since Allison is in Costa Rica, our trusted dog sitter wasn’t available), threw a bunch of clothing in a suitcase (this caused a mild level of stress for me), and headed out of town. Only to be met by a constant stream of break lights. A traditionally 2 1/2 hour trip took 5….

And I guess that’s what happens with spontaneity. You have to be willing to roll with whatever is thrown at you. And that we did. We laughed, complained, planned, and reminisced on the drive. We went with the flow and when we arrived in our home away from home we couldn’t have been happier 🙂 It was a great weekend, filled with lots of love, food, and memories! Hope your’s was too!

Brander winery {A stop at one of our favorite wineries}

Jeanine's Santa Barbara {A yummy brunch at Jeanine’s}

Santa Barbara Palm Trees{Palm Trees for days…}

The Lark Santa Barbara Ca Funk Zone{Day after V-day celebration at The Lark}

The Shop Cafe Santa Barbara Ca {A breakfast salad at The Shop Cafe…. a MUST try if you’re in town}

Something I always look forward to at the start of the week is hitting the gym a little harder 🙂 AND, I’m loving this week’s Women’s Health Challenge.

In the spirit of love… I enjoyed this article on couples who work out together

I’ve also been eyeing a few pieces to help the transition into Spring… these overalls (yes, you read that right!), sandals, jacket, and earrings.

Have a great week!