Weekend Recap

IMG_8855{Saturday breakfast at a new spot: ShoreHouse}

I spent this last weekend (well, part of it at least) with old college friends. Some I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, others more recently. We were celebrating a girlfriend’s upcoming arrival of her first bundle of joy: a precious baby girl. As we all sat together Friday evening, I couldn’t help but look around the room and be proud of the wonderful, successful women I was surrounded by. Attorneys, CPAs, and dedicated mothers. It’s funny at the same time, as these were the same beautiful woman I spent many late nights with, making burrito runs after a sorority formal. The same women who saw me through a pretty bad breakup, wiped away my tears, and set me up with TJ. The same women who I spent riding bikes down Mission Beach boardwalk with, sipping “water” out of water bottles. The same women who celebrated when I completed my GRE (for graduate school) with a wild night in Puerto Nuevo, noshing on lobster and sipping on margaritas… with a night ending in bull rides at Club Iggy’s (we lasted all of 5 seconds…). Yet, here we were, some married, some mothers, all successful career women, reunited for an evening of reflection and celebration. And while we don’t see each other that often, or chat as frequently as desired, we still have a love and appreciation for one another. That’s how life works I guess. People come into our lives for a period of time, and just because you don’t see them all the time, their relationship is still there :).

IMG_6627{Baby Shower treats from a celebration for an old friend}

La Jolla{Stunning La Jolla ocean views}

IMG_6852{Refreshing Moscow Mules}

IMG_7133{Lemons from mom’s garden… perfect for the morning lemon water ritual}

IMG_7151{Superbowl Spread}

IMG_7161{Glorious end to the weekend}

Loved this weekend’s Women’s Health Challenge

LOVED, loved! these articles on healthy living. This one will make you LAUGH (seriously) and this one has some tips on leading a healthier life….

Spring on your mind? J. Crew is having 25% off select styles. Favorites?? This pretty skirt, denim jacket (loving the wash), lightweight sweater (in so many pretty pastel colors),  and this pretty bracelet!


  1. Love those floral leggings! Where did you find those?!

    Xo, Alison