Valentine’s Day Gift Guides (under $100!!)

Valentine’s Day is two and a half weeks away. I’m confused…wasn’t it JUST Christmas?? (Side note: was anyone else a little POed when they saw Valentine’s Day decorations up and for sale the day after Christmas?)

This Valentine’s Day is a very different one for me. First, and I suppose most importantly: I actually have a significant other to celebrate it with for the first time in, oh, 5 years (that’s right I’ve enjoyed the last 5 GALentines Days with my girls…). Second: I’m going to be in Costa Rica and won’t be around to celebrate with said significant other. As I told him, he’s off the hook…this year 🙂

BUT, for those of you who are not going to be ordering Mai Tais in Spanish, Valentine’s Day gifts are still very on the table. But, as mentioned earlier, the holidays just happened not more than a month and a half ago, which means some of us (i.e. me) are still healing from the fiscal owie that was the holiday season. Hence, our Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and for her, all under $100!

Valentines Day gifts, her

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Valentines day, Him

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