Morning Routine with My Beauty Tea

spiritual gangster, anthropologie bedding

I’m a fan of the mornings. No, not the actual waking up part. I love the fact that the mornings symbolize a “fresh start.” From the moment my alarm goes off, I get to choose the type of day that I will have. No matter what happened the day before, this new day means a new start. Given that, I always try to start off in a healthy way. I typically rise and shine and opt for running shoes over cozy slippers (crazy right?). I reach for a water based beverage instead of a sweet treat from the coffee shop. A nutritious breakfast as opposed to those oh-so-tempting donuts (maple bar anyone??). While it isn’t always easy, I never, ever, regret it.

As of lately, I’ve been loving warm water with lemon slices. It’s a perfect way to detox the liver and start anew. After that glass, I brew up a cup of tea (and make sure my day will have me near a bathroom with all that H2O). That’s where My Beauty Tea enters. All of their teas are natural, using ingredients such as flowers, fruits, and natural flavors for the perfect taste (they smell amazing too). Why tea?? Tea is one of the best beverages to improve your health and beauty, It helps to keep your sugar levels low and aids the digestion process…. need I say more?? I’ve put together my morning ritual that I pretty much adhere to daily…. I’m a tad rigid in that way 🙂

Morning Routine:

5:30-5:45: Alarm goes off! Slip those work-out clothes on and head off for a morning run, spin session, or power yoga session… (all my workout clothes are laid out the evening before… not reaching around in the dark here!)….

6:45: Breakfast: Under 400 calories, along with lemon water and My Beauty Tea… a little computer time (i.e. blog, on-line shopping perusal, and a little news…)

7:15: Shower with some music and news in the background… I’m a woman, we’re pros at multi-tasking!

8:15-8:30: Read morning devotional

8:30-8:40 Make lunch for the day and head out the door….

my beauty tea

spiritual gangster, anthropolgie bedding




IMG_6255{Outfit Details | Tank: Spiritual Gangster | Pants: Athleta | Sweater: Athleta | Mug: Anthropologie | White Bedding: Target}

Teas: c/o My Beauty Tea


  1. Great morning routine, I would love to add the work out to mine! Just curious with such an early start how early do you find you need to get to bed in the evening?

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      I typically go to bed around 10 every night. It gives me about 7.5 hours of sleep. At night, I shut everything down around 9:30 though so that I am in bed and already tired by 10 🙂 Hope that helps!


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