Weekend Recap

Everyday I find myself more and more in awe of the speediness of the years these days (sorry for sounding like a 90 year old man just now). Honestly though, in a conversation with my parents tonight, we talked about how fast 2014 went, and how we are already well into 2015: with a move out date for next weekend, followed by a trip to Costa Rica not far out, plus all of the weekend getaways I have planned for almost every weekend after that, it’s not unrealistic to be thinking well into March. I’m finding myself believing it’s normal to see [and even purchase] Valentine’s Day outfits and decorations, and I even asked a girlfriend what she was doing for St. Patrick’s Day….what?!

pretty blooms{Nothing kicks off the weekend like fresh, vibrant blooms}

my beauty tea{Not feeling 100%, so organic tea always help. My Beauty Tea is a favorite!}

IMG_5795{Captain was practicing being a good boy this weekend!}

gabbis mexican kitchen


gabbis mexican kitchen, patron on the rocks{Date night…hello Mr. Patron}

IMG_4900{Double date night at 55 Tavern + Bowl Costa Mesa}

birdie bowl

pitaya bowls from birdie bowl{Tasty [and healthy!] treats for the weekend}

IMG_5154{LOVE fiery SoCal sunsets}

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Speaking of which, who else is addicted to the Women’s Healthy Weekend Challenge??

With an upcoming Costa Rica trip (okay, 3 and a half weeks isn’t THAT close), I indulged in this Winter time bathing suit! Thoughts?!

Is it just me, or is everything getting inundated with sales emails? Luckily they are from favorites like JCrew, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor (extra 70% off!!)!


  1. This post makes me miss the weekend! 😉 Xo, Alison


    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you! I always miss the weekends come Monday morning, so it’s always nice to reflect on them and the fun!

  2. I hear you! It’s WILD how much faster the days/weeks/months seem to go… and i’m a 90 year old grandma is a 28 year old body, so trust, you’re not alone.

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