OTK Boots- Yes, petite peeps can wear them too!

over the knee boots, distressed denim

I’ve been eyeing over the knee boots (from here on out known at OTK boots) for several months now. I’ve had differing opinions about them. The first? They’re fabulous. A nice break from the bootie craze I’ve been under for the past several years. The second? Well, it’s not so nice, but here it goes… if done wrong, they can be kind of risqué looking (if you catch my drift…). There I said it. Done wrong and I feared I would look like a lady of the night… I also feared that with my short (I prefer petite) legs, I’d look like a tree stump.

So, I held off. Even purchased a pair a few months ago and sent them right back. But the search didn’t stop. I snagged these beauties when they were on sale the day after Christmas. Even then I didn’t automatically push the purchase button. I contemplated. So much so that my mom asked me if I was okay (we had been camping out there post holiday) because it “looked like you were talking to yourself.” I was silently running through all these past fears, trying to put together an outfit that would squelch them…

When they arrived last week I was sold. I let go of the risqué fear but was still a little concerned about the stumpy look…. but I think I’ve moved past that for right now 🙂 You see, I’ve come to learn that petites can do the same looks as those with sky high legs can… it’s all about proportions, hemming, and just plain being confident.

over the knee boots, distressed denim

over the knee boots, distressed denim

over the knee boots, distressed denim

chloe bag, geoffrey scott moto bracelet

over the knee boots, distressed denim

over the knee boots, distressed denim

geoffrey scott bracelet{Outfit Details | Jeans: 7 fam | Boots: Vince (cheaper version here) | Top: J Crew | Cardigan: Old, similar here| Purse: Chloe | Bracelet: Geoffrey Scott (use code ITSYBITSY for 10% off) | S Necklace (cheaper here) | V Necklace: Gorjana | Sunglasses: Tom Ford}


  1. So cute! You’re actually lucky, I’m tall and have a hard time finding true OTK boots that well, actually go over my knees! I love this look and you’re right, it’s all about the confidence and you’ve definitely got it girl!


    • Shannon&Allison says:

      I’ve heard that from all my tall friends too! Short or tall, I guess we all have problems! haha!

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