Weekend Recap

The holidays are over, yet I continue to spend money like it’s my job. After a jolting peek at my bank statement a month ago (aka about a week before Christmas), I told myself that post-holiday spending would be WAY down, and I promised myself that I wouldn’t see so many withdrawals from that oh-so-important checking account.

Fast forward a month, and I’m anticipating a big move-out date (that’s right ladies and gents, I’m launching!) in two weeks, and find myself needing….well, basically everything to furnish a new apartment. And when I say everything, I mean things that I didn’t even think I would ever actually “need” (i.e. a bar cart) but suddenly can’t find myself moving in without. And, although the majority of it is spent at life/money-saving havens like TJ Maxx Home Goods, I’m finding myself wishing I could go back to holiday spending!

So to make a long story even longer, while Shannon enjoyed a peaceful weekend chilling with Captain, I took my bank account on the Splash Mountain of shopping sprees. And found some time to wine and dine in between somehow too 🙂



{Starting the weekend with a solid run, green juice, and striped leggings}


IMG_5478{Some favorite recipes from some favorite cookbooks: Giada’s Feel Good Food, and The Passionate Vegetable}

IMG_5143{It’s official!}

image-8{Necessary brunch and mimosas with besties to end the weekend home goods-buying bender}

How’s everyone doing on their new year’s resolutions? More to come on that this week…but to hold you over, be sure to check out the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge!

Sure, I don’t like the numbers decreasing on my bank statement, but I sure do LOVE this recently purchased faux fur pillow cover, shower curtain, rug and sign!

Happy Monday, and thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on taking such a huge life step + can’t wait to see your new abode! 🙂 Have a great week, ladies! Xo, Alison