If you use instagram and follow us, you may have noticed that over the past year we have been using a feature called LiketoKnow.it. I was inspired to write this post after one of my girlfriends said to me, “I see your photos with the likeit thing but what is it?” I simply assumed that people knew what it was… and she encouraged us to write a post about it to let everyone know what it’s all about. It’s actually pretty ingenious (wish I had invented it :)…). Here’s how it words:

1. Register your e-mail one time on the liketoknow.it website

2. Like instagram pictures that include the www.liketk.it/OapG links (these links will always vary though)

3. Open your e-mail to receive ready-to-shop links

You also have the option to receive e-mails hourly, daily, or weekly based on your personal preference.

Why would we use this platform?? Simply put, we use it ourself. Often times we love a product featured by a blogger on their instagram account. Instead of waiting for a reply (or no reply) on where the product is from, we simply like the photo and receive the products straight to our e-mail accounts. We no longer have to wait, or do our own independent search, for the product details. Easy peasy, right?!

Another reason? We often feature products that don’t actually make it to the blog. Liketoknowit allows you to receive product details via instagram :), which is a platform we frequently post to.

Here is what an e-mail would look like (featuring some items that never made it to the blog!)


So…. you’re not on instagram? That’s okay! We have the instagram photos that we have linked with instagram on our sidebar 🙂 You can sipmly click on the instagram photo and the info is all there!


Here’s a short video explaining it all… maybe better than I was able to!

Happy liking!


  1. H! Love your style and blog! We are fellow lifestyle bloggers and fans of liketoknowit! We are wondering how to be chosen to participate with featuring our own styles. Would you recommend reaching out to them or is it an invite-only basis? Thanks for your help!

    Melissa & Alison