Napa Recap

carneros inn napa ca

Surprise, Surprise. I chose to spend my birthday weekend in the wine mecca of the world (yes, even those in France don’t understand why anyone would drink anything other than Napa/Sonoma wines…). Tj and I went back and forth as to what we wanted to do for the weekend. At one point, I simply wanted to veg out on the couch watching movies all weekend (this is not at all like me…). Obviously that was not the route taken. Instead we chose Napa. The main draw (other than the wine)?? The Carneros Inn. It’s been on my list of places I would love to stay, and this seemed like the perfect time to go. Words can’t describe this property. They simply won’t do it justice. The grounds are impeccable. The staff is friendly (I guess that’s easy to say when you are greeted, upon check-in, with a glass of wine…) and accommodating. The restaurant menus are bursting with flavors. The accommodations are quaint and warm. Bottom line? We were experiencing a small slice of heaven on earth….

the carneros inn napa ca{Our little cottage for the weekend}

the carneros inn napa ca{Complete with an outdoor shower}

the carneros inn napa ca

the carneros inn napa ca{The market has all the essentials for a picnic… sandwiches, salads, cheese, crackers, wine….}

mumm napa ca{Upon arrival, we picked up sandwiches from the market and headed to one of my favorite spots, Mumm Napa}

the carneros inn napa ca

the carneros inn napa ca, sunset cocktails {And then we enjoyed some sunset cocktails overlooking the pool and vineyards}

the carneros inn napa ca

the carneros inn napa ca {A quick game of bocce ball pre dinner}


the farm at carneros inn napa ca{We enjoyed some appetizers fireside and dinner (inside, it was freezing) at The Farm, which serves farm to table cuisine}

Boon Fly Cafe, the carneros inn napa ca{Boon Fly Cafe is a must see. Disclaimer: there is a minimal selection of healthy eats… be fully prepared to indulge… like we did in these donuts}

boon fly cafe napa ca

napa valley ca


domaine carneros napa ça

domaine carneros napa ça{We enjoyed Cuvaison and Domaine Carneros on day 2… with sweeping views and a little vino, you can’t go wrong}

the carneros inn napa ca

the carneros inn napa ca

the carneros inn napa ca


the carneros inn napa ca

the carneros inn napa ca

IMG_5396{Evening cocktails began on the lawn. As the weather dropped me moved to the pool chaises so we could cuddle up with towels and watch the beautiful sunset colors}

That night we were so tired! We picked up a bottle of wine from the market and enjoyed the comforts of our small cottage with a fire and room service! It was a short weekend, but couldn’t have been more wonderful!


  1. What a wonderful birthday weekend!! This has me dreaming of a romantic escape!! The donuts looked delicious!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like a perfect birthday! Glad you enjoyed your getaway!

    xoxo, colleen
    Pleather & Sparkles

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you!! Its hard not to enjoy when you’re in such a beautiful area, with a wonderful person, and some vino sprinkled in there 🙂

  3. Looks like a fabulous time! One day I hope to make it to Napa and all those wines!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      You would love it! Wonderful wines and delicious restaurants!

  4. i am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday weekend, it truly looks perfect and so you 😉

    definitely putting carneros inn on my list of places to stay if my parents ever move and i no longer have free lodging in sonoma hahaha.

    xo mary-katherine

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Well, you’re pretty darn lucky your parents live there! I just love it up there! So beautiful!! You MUST stay there if you get a chase!!

  5. Annette Roberts says:

    Sounds fabulous !!!!

  6. Looks absoulutely splendid — Happy birthday!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you!! It was a wonderful trip with wonderful memories!

  7. THANK YOU for doing all my homework for me! This place looks incredible – a must if I can ever get my act together to plan a trip!! HBD boo!! XOXO