Gift Guide for Mom

Not to discredit any other gift you will give this month, but there is something special about a gift for your mom. When I think of all that my mom did for me over the years, I can’t help but attempt to find the perfect gift that will put an extra special smile on her face. For me, mom braided my hair countless times (and then re-braided it when I found the slightest flaw…), did the carpool thing, made my lunch (everyday), and listened to me after school on “those” days. She’s been a source of support and safety, and now that I am older, a true friend, over the years…. so here’s to moms everywhere… and finding them that extra special gift this holiday season!

gift guide for mom {Gloves | Purse | Watch | Scarf | Earrings | Sweater | Uggs| Robe | Puffer Vest | Work-Out Top | Brush Set | Lipgloss Set}

Image via Paper Blog


  1. Slippers are on my Mom’s wish list this year — and those ones are exceptionally cute! 😉 Happy shopping! Xo, Alison