Friendsgiving in New York

I consider myself uncommonly fortunate to have had the same three best friends since I was 9 years old. The 4 of us have been through literally everything together, and have somehow maintained the same love and commitment to one another for over 16 years. Through carefree elementary school, painfully awkward middle school, tumultuous high school, new adventures in college, and beginning to establish roots in our early/mid 20’s, we have been unbelievably blessed to have each other as a sort of “home base” for all the life transitions we’ve encountered so far.

5 years ago, two of us visited the other two who were studying abroad in London over Thanksgiving break. We spent Thanksgiving drinking Champagne and getting lost in Paris. And it was unreal. This Thanksgiving, three of us visited the one living in Brooklyn. This time, only slightly more mature and “grown up,” we cooked ourselves our own “Friendsgiving” meal, complete with [mostly] vegan dishes, wine, and whiskey cocktails (our own, non-Thanksgiving related twist!) We found new adventures in New York, and reaffirmed that a Friendsgiving tradition (albeit every 5 years) was now in place!




{Signs of Fall in a Brooklyn neighborhood}






photo-51{First night was spent running through Manhattan in the rain and wind in tights and booties, deluxe Mexican food and craft margaritas at Toaloche , and an old favorite Broadway show: Les Miserable}


IMG_4950{Boots, Boot socks}

IMG_4930{Exploring Brooklyn and soaking up the season with some fun in the leaves!}

IMG_4980{Thanksgiving dinner: carrot ginger soup, quinoa salad, rosemary roasted sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts bread pudding, and a little turkey breast for me}








{Black Friday activities: ice skating in Central Park, wandering around Central Park, shopping on Fifth Avenue,  a stop at the Plaza Hotel, and champagne and live classical music at the Metropolitan Museum of Art balcony bar}





IMG_5021{Spent the last day of the trip learning about the Brooklyn Bridge with spectacular views of the skyline….we even stumbled on a festive little farmer’s market!}

{Jacket, gloves, head wrap, scarf}

IMG_5034{A four hour delay home required some wine at the airport…}

It was an amazing trip, and we all agreed that it was definitely too short. With so much to explore and do, the four of us are just getting started 🙂


  1. wow, that is so fun!! i have never done a friendsgiving but really want to, and with friends who have been by your side that long, that is incredible!

    xo mk

  2. How fun! I’m (literally) on a plane to NYC right now, to be with my two best friends since kindergarten! I, too, count myself extraordinarily lucky to still have strong relationships with best friends from grade school. 🙂

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      It is truly such a blessing to have deep and long friendships! I hope you had fun in NY!

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