Weekend Recap: Gratitude Week 3

haute cakes cafe{Started Saturday off with a healthy breakfast at Haute Cakes}

  As the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaches, both anticipation and preparation filled the air this weekend. Conversation buzzed around plans, excitement, and gratitude for the events that lay before us. Yet, even with the excitement of the upcoming days there was also a slightly sad realization that we would not all be together for the holiday. Something that has never happened before. So, naturally, we gathered together Sunday evening and had a pre-Thanksgiving celebration with the nucleus that we call family. Mom, dad, sisters, brother-in-law, grandmother, all gathered around the table. We enjoyed delicious food, fine wine, and, most importantly, deep and meaningful conversation. As we embark on a THE week of thankfulness, I can’t help but leave the family dinner and be thankful for those conversations. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you have (although, that new purse I was eyeing earlier is nice…), how many hours you bill at work, or how fine your wine really is (I mean, I won’t discriminate between a 2000 Cab or a 2013 Cab, I’m just grateful it’s there :)). What truly matters is how deep your relationships are and the support and love you have at the end of the day.



Day 17: Old sweatpants (Yes, they are Juicy Couture), to change into after a long Monday.

Day 18: That rare opportunity to carpool to and from work with Allison. It was nice to catch up in the middle of the week 🙂

Day 19: I’m not always grateful for this, but on days like today, I am grateful for my long commute home. Sometimes it allows me just enough time to have a long overdue phone date with a good friend.

Day 20: Mid week date nights. Starting the Christmas movie marathon a little early with Home Alone.

Day 21: I was just grateful that it was Friday. Fridays are my absolute favorite day of the week.

Day 22: Days of spontaneity. Sometimes it’s just nice to wake up and see where the day will take you.

Day 23: Good wine and conversation with family. Also, waking up and realizing that I have 7 full days off ahead of me… now that’s a nice feeling!


Day 17: Sundays in church with the family: rarely do we all get to go together, but it’s so nice when we do 🙂

Day 18: The simple things like freshly baked cookies…nothing warms the soul more.

Day 19: A super soft blanket (recently purchased one from Costco) makes nap time blissful.

Day 20: Sunday pleasures: Getting a manicure and feeling a bit pampered.

Day 21: A 2 day work week…not too shabby!

Day 22: Weekend nights in…boyfriend and I spent our first weekend night in and it was perfect…especially being safe from the crazy wind!

Day 23: Growing up in a supportive, validating, loving environment. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am for this.

photo-51{Allison threw it back and had a double date night mini golfing}

pressed juicery{Welcoming Pressed Juicery to Orange County with their grand opening… the soft serve is delish!}

backbay newport beach {Back Bay hike}

Malbec tasting {Malbec tasting… a house divided on the best}

IMG_4911{Homemade milk & cookies}

IMG_4072{Chinese food take-out, red wine, sweat pants, and a Christmas movie… could Saturday night get any better??}

OC South Mag{Perusing my article on OC South magazine. Kind of cool to be published!}

Ripped Denim {Sunday’s best for a family Thanksgiving celebration (jeans, shoes, sweater, bracelet)}

IMG_4099{Since we won’t all be together on Thanksgiving, we celebrated with vino, good company, and good conversation Sunday evening.}