Weekend Recap: Gratitude Week 3

mimosas and bloody marys{New York “Friendsgiving” planning while sipping mimosas and bloody mary’s}

This past weekend was one where the family dispersed to different parts of California (literally) and spent time with friends. Which got me thinking about friendships and how they evolve. Allison spent the weekend with some of her best friends from elementary school, planning for their upcoming trip to New York. While I headed up to San Francisco, with TJ, to spend the weekend with my girlfriend (and freshman year roommate in college) and her husband. It was filled with lively conversation, laughs, and active activities. Yet, what I found myself thinking about the most was how amazing it was that two ladies (I’m talking about my friend and me here) from two different parts of the country were randomly placed in the same dorm and are now spending a whole weekend together with their husbands. And as I sat at the airport reflecting on the fun of the weekend, I also felt that I was able to identify how deep, lasting, and meaningful friendships are maintained. I found that these friendships all tended to have five of the same characteristics:

1. The ability to work through conflict. Be it big or small, there is a sense of security in the friendship to be vulnerable and let the other person know your concerns…. and a level of receptiveness from the other as well.

2. No matter how much time passes, you pick up as if no time has passed at all.

3. There is comfort sitting in silence.

4. There is also comfort in not having to “do.” You can just sit (preferably in sweat pants) and just veg out. No pressure to go, go, go.

5. They’ve seen you through some pretty low times and some pretty high times as well.

Relationships are an integral part of life. Mend them, tend to them, and treat them with compassion 🙂

golden gate bridge

golden gate bridge{We spent Saturday morning in Lands End hiking along the trails. It was filled with girl talk and spectacular views…}

flower shop{LOVED all the small little flower shops that lined the streets}

photo-13{I could walk to street for hours looking at all the walk-ups and vibrant colored flowers}

IMG_3726{Pre dinner cocktails and a fire made us change our original plans to a night in with sweat pants, football, and good conversation}

san francisco sun rise {You can’t beat the sunrise from an early morning run}

Week 3 of Gratitude:


Day 10: Colder temperatures. Pulling out the sweaters and comfortably wearing them the whole day.

Day 11: Walking into Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and realizing that they had started their holiday menu… Winter Dream Tea Latte (NSA)? Yes please!!

Day 12: A post work manicure. Just the mid-week rejuvenation I needed.

Day 13: A husband who kindly ran to the mall to pick up a scarf I had to have for the weekend. All on his lunch break, with only an hour notice :).

Day 14: A safe flight into the city.

Day 15: A night in, complete with champagne, sweat pants, cozy blankets, a fire in the fireplace, take-out Thai food, and dear friends… does it really get any better?

Day 16: The crisp fall air on my morning run. I woke up early, laced up my running shoes, and took off on a run around the city.


Day 10: Free time: This weekend I found myself with an excess of free time, which I spent watching sad movies and Rom-Coms, going for a run in the warm SoCal sunshine, and laughing away the hours with girl friends.

Day 11: Incredibly positive memories: Said girlfriends and I spent almost the whole weekend reflecting on old memories from 3rd grade and up….you can only imagine the laughs….

Day 12: A home that keeps me safe and warm: Southern California welcomed (begrudgingly) the Santa Ana winds this weekend, and it was no joke. I was awakened by something banging against my wall outside, and felt SO fortunate to have a home to keep me safe and sheltered from the gusts.

Day 13: Success (and positive reinforcement!) at work: The last email I received on Friday afternoon was one from our Executive Director offering some positive words….set the weekend off to a great start and keeps motivation high.

Day 14: Good food…SO much eating out this weekend….but oh, SO good…

Day 15: Self-contentment: Perfectly content staying in with me, myself, and I on a Saturday night.

Day 16: A new pair of over the knee boots that made me feel like the perfect combination of chic and feminine on Friday night.


  1. There is no better feeling than picking up with a good friend like no time has passed at all! 🙂

  2. My favorite post of the week – both such true things to be thankful for. 🙂 Awesome as always, ladies! Xo, Alison


  3. Those mimosas and bloody mary’s look amazing! And I love this idea of keeping tack of things you are grateful for! Great way to stay thankful and positive every day!!