Weekend Recap: Gratitude Week 2

There was so much to be grateful for this weekend! We spent quality time with loved ones (probably the things we are most grateful for), and celebrated health, life, and togetherness in so many different ways. We’ve talked a lot about celebrations and the importance of making them a distinct part of life, and that’s what we did this weekend. Gratitude is obviously something we should be exercising everyday, but I have found that, in a month full of building anticipation to Thanksgiving, I’m particularly aware of my gratitude, and the people and things in my life that make it so good. Call it a challenging few weeks at work, the month of November, or just plain old increased mindfulness, but I’m feelin the gratitude!

IMG_3678{Pretty purple flowers will make any weekend great}




{Started the weekend with dinner at one of our favorite Teppan Bar restaurants and a fancy movie…nothing makes Interstellar better than some wine, gourmet popcorn, and reclining Lazy Boys!}


{For Shannon and TJ: Friday evening Pinot Noir and a movie to unwind}



{A Saturday morning workout at Fitwall Newport Beach (stay tuned for more on this awesome place!) followed by some acai bowl rejuvination}



{Saturday evening spent celebrating three very important birthdays of three very important people in our family.}



{Sunday morning puppy snuggles and the football game…not a good day to be a Bears fan…}

And now, to continue our month of gratitude….our list of gratitude-worthy items:


Day 3: My ability to learn-I feel like I’m always learning, and it’s something I absolutely love doing…psychology, science, people in general, you name it, there’s always more to learn!

Day 4: Things to look forward to…currently on the list: Friendsgiving in New York, the holidays with family, Costa Rica in February

Day 5: The ability to travel: Right off the heels of day 4…I’ve realized how blessed I am to be able to travel and see the things I’ve seen. There’s so much more to see, but I’m so grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had.

Day 6: Music: It can completely change my mood. Mondays it’s usually traditional Hawaiian music to soothe the anxiety I have about the start of the work week. Fridays it’s pop, country, or even dance.

Day 7: Flowers: I love filling my room with the color and joy that flowers bring. There’s something about walking into a bedroom with a big bouquet of flowers in it that brightens my day.

Day 8: Extended Family: Particularly feeling the love this weekend. These relationships are important, and I’m realizing I need to foster them more.

Day 9: A good, scented candle: Relaxes and soothes me every single night as I’m cuddling up in bed.


Day 3- That I work with Allison. Sometimes you just need to vent about life mid-day and it’s nice to have your sister down the hall.

Day 4- Thankful for days that end at the hair salon. Sometimes a nice new color, cut, and blow out can give you a whole new perspective on the week.

Day 5- A new book  by Gillian Flynn. I love it when I actually have the time to become engrossed in a new novel.

Day 6- Movie nights on the couch.

Day 7- Friday night traditions. An evening gym session with TJ, followed by take-out and wine on the couch. I wait all week for it!

Day 8- Grateful for family celebrations and laughter.

Day 9- Sunday evening meals. They are typically a little fancier as we prepare for the hectic week ahead.

Enjoy the week friends! And thanks for reading!


  1. Absolutely love this series – I look forward to it every Monday! It’s nice to be reminded what’s really important, and sometimes we do in fact, need a reminder! Thanks for sharing, ladies. Xo, Alison


    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Indeed we do! It’s so easy in the middle of the week to get caught up on “life!” Thanks for your sweet words 🙂