November Bucket List


{Found on positivelypresent.com}

Last weekend (brace yourself), I wore boots. (Insert shocked emoji face here). For all you non-Californians, you’re probably wondering why my boyfriend literally described be as “giddy” for simply slipping on a pair of boots. But with the “Fall” (if you can even call it that) we have been having, one or two days of less than 80 degree weather is a major victory. Which makes it hard to remember that it’s November. Luckily, Shannon and I have found some activities to engage that are perfect for this Mid-Autumn month that will remind us of the joys of Autumn and November!

1. Find a TurkeyTrot (or another Thanksgiving themed race) near you

2. Have a Friends-giving…I’ll be doing this in New York with my three best friends!

3. Switch to our favorite Fall flavors: Apple spice, and Chai tea (i.e. Chai Tea Latte..mmmmm)

4. Make some healthy Thanksgiving Dinner sides….how divine do these garlic sweet potato mash, Sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon and onions, and  cranberry-pear sauce sound?!

5. Get a TurkeyBowl game together-flag/touch football….any way you want to do it, just get out there and throw the football around for your own [physically active] football tournament. We all need to burn off some extra calories from this food filled holiday right? (BTW-I just read that the average T-giving meal is a whopping 4,500 CALORIES).

6. Start wearing some of these Fall-ish lip colors…nothing says Fall like your lips right? My favorites are the new Tom Ford Matte colors, these MAC exclusives and my favorite Chanel beauties,

7. While you’re at it, check out some of my favorite nail colors….All Fall from head to toe! I love Essie’s Bordeaux, and this warm Navy color by OPI

8. Be daring enough to attempt Black Friday shopping…a tradition Shannon, our mom, and grandma face each year. And to be honest, most of the fun is just simply people watching and observing all the chaos at the mall!

9. Switch to some Fall fragrances…each time I walk into my room I am enveloped by the warm apple-cinammon-spice scent. Other favorites are Pumpkin spice and cranberry pear.

10. Invest in a good pair of rain boots…I’ve been eyeing these Hunters for quite a while….

11. Find some lovely Fall leaves to decorate your home…few and far between where we are, but I love to keep em when I find em!

12. Set up a fancy tablescape for Thanksgiving dinner…some of my favorites can be seen here, here, and here.

13. Keep a Gratitude Journal…sort of what Shannon and I are doing [publicly] here, but I’m a true believer in gratitude journals for so many reasons. Jot down one or two thing each day that you are grateful for…what a way to start (or end) your day!

14. Make a [potentially cheesy] Thanksgiving craft….remember those hand turkeys we used to make in Kindergarten? Head over to Pinterest to find some more slightly grown up versions!

November is such a great month, as it combines the beauty of Fall AND the fun and festivity of Thanksgiving…what could be better?!

Also, building on our month of gratitude…I am so grateful for my girlfriends (only appropriate given my pending Friends-giving, right?). Most of these friends I have had since elementary school, and it’s SUCH a blessing to have continued support, laughter, and memories together as we have transitioned from little girls to women 🙂


  1. Anita Haagsma says:

    Will you be doing the cause life turkey trot in HB?

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Unfortunately we will both be out of town this Thanksgiving, but will be looking for local trots where we are headed!

      • Anita Haagsma says:

        Enjoy your Thanksgiving! They will be doing another one May 25 at the Saarloos Winery which I know the two of you love! Hope to see you there!

        • Shannon&Allison says:

          Thank you for letting us know! We will have to keep that saved!