Pink Cocoon

pink cocoon coat

I’ve always been one to use absolutes when I speak. You know, those “never” and “always” statements. My favorite? “I will NEVER do that.” Mom’s response back? “Never say never.”

I can vividly recall a conversation with my girlfriend, years back, in which we were talking about something fashion related. In that conversation I remember stating that I would “never” wear high waisted jeans. That I would just look silly. Well, if this post is any proof, the age old adage of “never say never,” couldn’t be more accurate. Weather or not I look silly in these jeans is not the debatable point here. What IS debatable is the constant battle between the ever popular “low-rise” and the edgier “high rise.” What’s a girl supposed to do? See below for my pro’s and con’s of the battle of the jeans.

High Waisted Pro’s:

1. They elongate otherwise short and stumpy legs (see these pictures for mediocre proof)

2. They can (deep breath in) zip up any extra lower ab love…

3. When you put them on, you really feel like a rock star from the 70’s/80’s

4. I LOVE them with a silky top tucked in. Refined and classic.

High Waisted Con’s:

1. Well, just as they can hide that lower ab love, one too many indulgences from the weekend may peak out over the top

2. They may just be a little too retro…

3. Sometimes I find myself worried that I have a moon bottom… you know, when it looks like the jeans give too round of an appearance to your rear.

Low Rise Pros:

1. You won’t EVER risk looking like you are wearing “your mother’s jeans.” And I hope I didn’t offend any mothers out there!

2. You won’t feel like your breath was sucked out of you when you sit down or make even the slightest bend at the waist (that’s my warning if you go the high waisted route).

3. Perfectly easy to toss on with a sweater and sneakers for a casual Saturday.

Low Rise Cons:

1. Sometimes, to put it gently, people go too low, and when that happens it simply isn’t pretty.

2. Sometimes finding the right proportions is difficult… the top has to be just the right length or it just looks odd.

3. Sometimes, there just isn’t a “WOW” factor with them… I think I may have 10 pair sitting in my closet…

pink cocoon coat, high waisted jeans

pink cocoon coat, high waisted jeans

pink cocoon coat

ring to wrist bracelet

pink cocoon coat

pink cocoon coat, leopard pumps

pink cocoon coat, high waisted jeans

fringe purse, ring to wrist bracelet

pink cocoon coat {Outfit Details | Coat: Forever 21 | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity other favorite high waisted jean here | Blouse: Madewell (old) similar here, here | Shoes: J Crew, cheaper here | Purse: Tory Burch, cheaper here | Bracelet: c/o Gorjana |  Earrings: Benevolent Jewels, similar here, here}


  1. Finding the right jean is hard. Looking good and feeling good don’t always combine, but you seem to have found a flattering pair.

  2. Love how the breakdown the jean dilemma – seriously such a crisis, and I’m NOT being sarcastic! When I find one I like I buy three pairs. Oh, the joy of being a girl right! 😉 Xo, Alison