Steal vs. Splurge

Remember long ago when I mentioned that the first thing I did when I was first hired for my first “grown up job” was a shopping spree? Well, let’s all keep in mind that, despite its increased regularity, money still doesn’t grow on trees. So when I find a gorgeous pair of boots, or a cozy sweater (I’m a sucker for soft things), I’m tempted to impulsively buy it. However, what Shannon and I have both found is that, with a bit of shopping and perhaps a fair dose of online shopping, you could find a comparable, if not virtually identical piece for significantly cheaper from one of those trusty stores (like Forever 21….even though you were already thinking that). So fresh for Fall, here are a few of our favorite Steals compared to their [very expensive] splurges.


{STEALS: Jacket | Boots | Jumper | Slip-ons | Sweater}

{SPLURGES: Jacket | Boots | Jumper | Slip-ons | Sweater}