Meal Plan #4

You know how we all get bad hair days sometime? Well, I seem to be experiencing bad skin days lately…it’s like my skin just sort of forgets that I am not, in fact, going through puberty, and am actually an adult. Attempting to resolve my bothersome blemishes, I’ve tried to explore various different diet changes…cut back on dairy (I could never eliminate it…I’d be an absolute you know what), eliminate soy, [attempt to] avoid gluten…and I have found that, not only do I seriously (and I mean SERIOUSLY) struggle to restrict my diet like this, but I also don’t like the “I can’t have that” mentality. It only makes me want it more…I’m human right? So, since I am fortunate enough that I don’t have any kind of serious allergies to these foods or any medical conditions that would prevent me from being able to eat them,  I have resolved to just eating balanced. No fancy diets, no elimination of food groups, just good old fashioned balanced eating. After all, too much of anything (ahem, cheese) is never good, but total elimination is just plain impossible (at least for me). So, I’ve put together a more balanced meal plan, complete with all the food groups in all their [moderated] glory!

meal plan 4