Weekend Recap

Aahh family…there through thick and thin, offering unconditional love, support…and the occasional roasting. This weekend was spent with family, celebrating all the transitions of this season. Saturday we had an “End of the summer/Oktoberfest” celebration to celebrate the transition between the “final vestiges of Summer” as our dad would say, and the wonder that is Fall. Sunday was spent celebrating birthdays of Shannon and TJ’s nephew, and having endless discussions of my imminent plans to move out of our parents’ place. It’s definitely a transitional time, and I have been known to struggle quite a bit with transitions. Luckily, Shannon, TJ, and our parents have always been there to offer support and crack a joke or two (i.e. many an embarrassing story was told Saturday night at the dinner table). But hey, that’s why we love family right?

IMG_2132{A movie night to start the weekend…a must-see!}

la vida cantina{Dinner at a new delicious Mexican Restaurant*…There are no words to describe the churros.}

IMG_1742{Saturday morning munchies on Trader Joes’ Pumpkin Joe’s O’s…tis the season!}

IMG_1902{Hanging out by the pool with my favorite furry nephew!}

IMG_1940{Necessary BBQ appetizers…Pumpkin bruschetta recipe coming soon! Vase c/o Hattan Home.}

IMG_1943{Good conversation, good wine, and great company…not bad for a Saturday night!}

IMG_1946{Pumpkin cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting, and of course topped with a candy corn!…mmmm}

IMG_2136{Detoxing on a Sunday morning with some fresh juice and our favorite new Tiny Prints stationary!}

After all that wine, the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge is necessary!

Happy Columbus Day! Some of my favorite Columbus Day sales are happening at Banana Republic, Target, J.Crew, Kendra Scott, and Bloomingdales. But hurry…they end tonight at midnight! Happy shopping!

*Photo courtesy of tomsfoodieblog.com

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