Santa Barbara Recap

Los Olivos, Ca

This past weekend Tj and I headed up the coast to Los Olivos and Santa Barbara for his birthday. As of late we have been finding ourselves indulging in all that California has to offer. Which only seems natural to me (and Allison) as it is where we spent so many of our childhood vacations. While we were there, I found myself not only celebrating the life I have with Tj but also reminiscing about past memories of vacations with my family. Tj and I chose to stay at a hotel that I spent two summer vacations at with my family. When we were lounging by the pool, I was able to see the room we had stayed in, as a family, where Allison accidentally pushed her earring backing into the piercing and mom had to pull out her pseudo-surgical skills to remove it. The pizza place my parents had to eat at because our (Allison and mine’s to be exact) taste buds weren’t exactly refined enough to enjoy the wonderful restaurants in the area. I laughed about the robes I insisted on wearing when dining on chicken finger room service (per Allison’s request). And maybe the best? How when we pulled up to the hotel, dad driving, with Ace of Base playing (or was it All 4 Men?!)… what a trooper.

That’s the beauty of memories. They allow you to feel those moments, if only for a brief period. And, while I cherish those memories, I am so fortunate that I was able to make new memories there with TJ. We enjoyed morning bike rides to breakfast. Champagne on our “secret garden patio.” Sunset champagne (what would a trip be without champagne?!). Eating at new spots, a picnic on Butterfly Beach, and realizing that as long as we are together, we’re guaranteed a fun time (I know, it sounds cheesy…).

Disclaimer. While we enjoyed fine luxury in Santa Barbara at The Four Seasons, we also equally enjoyed one another, sipping champagne out of plastic cups and watching Clueless at Pea Soup Anderson’s Inn (where we stayed in Los Olivos). Here’s a glimpse at our weekend!








IMG_1321{We started the weekend up in Los Olivos, wine tasting… what else right? We stopped by an old favorite, Cambria, sat in the backyard at our absolute favorite, Saarloos, and made a new best friend in Bradner (excellent Sauvignon Blancs!)}

solvang pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch


IMG_1370{This was one of the most amazing pumpkin patches ever! Remember the October Bucket List? Check!}

four seasons santa barbara

four seasons santa barbara

four seasons santa barbara

IMG_1721{On Tj’s birthday we headed down to The Four Seasons for two nights of rest and relaxation… we didn’t have Ace of Base playing this time though!}


Butterfly Beach

Lucky Penny, Santa Barbara Ca

Lucky Penny, Santa Barbara

IMG_1391{We rode our bikes into Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone and dined at Lucky Penny for lunch.}

perrier jouet champagne + bike



champagne sunset


Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach

Los Arroyos Montecito {We picked up a bottle of champagne on our ride back, sat on the secret garden patio and enjoyed a few sips. Then we realized the sun was setting so we headed out to enjoy the rest, toast to Tj’s birthday, and take in the spectacular sunset! Then we headed to Los Arroyos for a delicious Mexican food dinner.}

D'angelos santa barbara


D'angelos santa barbara





IMG_1714{We woke up the next morning and rode our bikes to D’angelos. It was AMAZING! Then we headed back for a little beach and pool time… the fog actually rolled in and I couldn’t have been happier. A little sunset champagne and then we headed out for a quiet dinner.}


IMG_1724{The morning when you have to leave vacation is the worst for me! So, we enjoyed on last breakfast at a cute little street cafe, Jeannine’s, in Montecito, and then headed home.}

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  1. I love the Ace of Base reference. My sister and I totally rocked out to that with my parents on mini road trips!

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