15 Ideas for [Healthy] Dating


Have you ever had this conversation?

“What do yo want to do tonight?”

“I don’t know, want to grab dinner and drinks?” or “Let’s go get dinner and see a movie.”

Dating is one of the worst things to happen to your waistline.

Sure, there are healthy(er) options out there, but how many are there? And how many times can you go there before you’ve had all the spinach salads and veggie burgers you can have? (Which may not even be as healthy as you think…) Being in a newish relationship, we’ve both agreed that we’re finding ourselves with a few extra unwanted pounds and the need to substitute the dining out options with…really anything else. So, per boyfriend’s suggestion, I bring you healthy dating ideas…because there’s got to be more to relationships than dinner and drinks!

1. Go for a hike/run

2. Sign up for a race or Mud Run/Obstacle course

3. Head to the spa for a refreshing couple’s massage

4. Play a sport together…we play tennis a lot (we’re both terrible), but next on my list: kickball anyone?!

5. Check something off your bucket lists. What an awesome bonding experience this would be to do one of those things as a couple!

6. Have a game night: video games (favorite: old school Nintendo 64), card games, board games, catchphrase…go nuts!

7. Take a workout class together: Zumba, boot camp, Body Pump, so many options! Check your local gyms for the class schedules.

8. Go bowling (with or without bumpers!)

9. Take a dance class

10. Visit an aquarium…fun AND educational!

11. Go to a concert

12. Go to a local sports game. We are fortunate enough to have the Angels and the Ducks close by, but if you don’t have and/or aren’t able to attend a professional game, head to your local high school’s game!

13. Have a book club together or join one. Imagine how interesting it would be to read a book together and then find out the other’s perspectives on it.

14. Go for a bike ride

15. Go ice skating…I threw this in there because the seasons are changing everywhere else in the world besides Southern California, so SOMEONE should be able to enjoy it!

In all honesty, I actually surprised myself how many ideas I managed to come up with…which only goes to show that, with a little creativity, you can grow your relationship without growing your waistline!