Weekend Recap

Saturday morning, a girlfriend who just started her first full time job expressed to me, “I never realized how valuable the weekends are!” It was the same exact epiphany I had when I entered the adult world (aka full time work) 6 short months ago. Conversation ensued about “living for the weekend,” and, although that’s not the best way to live your life, at times, during certain weeks, the weekends themselves are simply rewards. Whether it’s spent catching up on some Zzz’s, or pursuing new adventures, I like to think that, as long as you’re enjoying your time off, then it’s not time wasted. Which is why this weekend involved both lounging (many a nap was taken) and being slightly unproductive, as well as exploring some new cultural experiences. Shannon and TJ were off frolicking in the vineyards for Tj’s birthday, so we’ve essentially swaped places…someday we’ll be in the same place at the same time again!


{Diversified the Friday night by indulging in some authentic, delicious Moroccan food at Marrakesh…6 courses later and we couldn’t move!}


image-7{Even if there are no others in SoCal, pumpkins are definitely a sign of fall! Paired with wine and cupcake tasting at Saarloss & Sons, and there’s a quality start to the weekend.}

IMG_4887{Remember that lounging I was talking about? This was it’s form.}

IMG_4891{A pink pumpkin perfectly complements the pink florals in my favorite Hattan Home vase!}

To burn off the aforementioned beers, I’m making sure to keep up with the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge!

I’m in the process of revamping my room…check out my favorite candle holder, mirror, and wall decor …Target is having some amazing deals!

Happy Monday!!