The Guide to San Luis Obispo

The Central Coast of California has been one of my favorite places for a long time now. It is absolutely beautiful, and so much more diverse than I had ever expected. I spent last weekend in the wine country of the Central Coast, and our first two days were spent in San Louis Obispo. Having spent some time up there this summer, I knew I wasn’t done with that spunky, unique city. The downtown area is adorable, with cute boutiques on every corner, and some really incredible restaurants. Drive just 10 minutes away and you’re surrounded by lush, rolling vineyards and some world-class wines. So with so many options, I’ve put together all our favorites of SLO, with every intent to build on this guide!

san luis obispo guide 2



{Our first stop was Laetitia: Quality Pinot Noirs, and some delicious Sparkling Wines!}


IMG_4844{One of my favorite parts of the trip: frolicking in his massive pumpkin field!}


IMG_4851{Chamisal has incredible grounds….great views all around}

IMG_4857{Wine and cheese pairing at one of our new favorites…Tolosa. YUM}

IMG_4860{Looking for something trendy and boutique-ish with great wines? Sextant has great people, great wines, and an adorable little tasting room!}


IMG_4872{A little blurry, but one of our favorite dinners was at Luna Red…right downtown, but with the best al fresco dining (and an adorable outdoor bar area)!}


IMG_4884{Of course no trip is complete without a trip to this downtown ice cream shop, Batch! (Thanks Shabbbyloveschic.com for the recommendation!)}


  1. I have family in SLO (I sadly have never been to visit) but this post makes me want to book a ticket now! It IS absolutely stunning! So glad you enjoyed your time in SLO and thanks for sharing! Xo, Alison