Weekend Recap

orange hill happy hour{Started the weekend with happy hour drinks at Orange Hill}

I typically start each weekend by picking up a batch of fresh flowers for our little condo. Sometimes they’re of the Trader Joe’s variety and other times I splurge a little and pick up a custom made arrangement at a local florist (those flowers are typically reserved for “those” weeks…). When I was checking out with my white roses and orange dahlias at Trader Joe’s today (I was a little late this week…) the cashier asked me “What’s the occasion?” I smiled and simply responded, “Nothing really. Just a little something to liven up the house.” She agreed.

Point? I am a firm believer in not saving those traditional “celebratory” activities for a “special occasion.” Everyday we’re alive should be a special occasion, right? It got me thinking and I put together a list of things that I routinely partake in, that are traditionally reserved for special occasions.

1. Champagne. I don’t save that. I will celebrate Thursday evening if need be 🙂

2. Flowers. See above.

3. A hand written note to a friend. No e-mail. No text. I LOVE handwritten letters and cards that you actually receive in “real life” mail (not the cyber mailbox we have all become accustomed to).  It says “I thought about you,” and not just on your birthday, shower, or wedding :). I recently picked up a card on a Target trip (does anyone else leave there wondering how your bill got so high?!). The recipient is still unknown but when I feel pulled you can bet I’ll be sending it!

4. High Heels. In high school these were traditionally saved for those “special” dances. In college, bar hopping. Now? A simple date night transforms with an extraordinary pair of heels. I remember last summer TJ and I went out to dinner and I decided to toss on my wedding shoes. It instantly transformed my feelings for the evening… and that’s what a good pair of heels can do 🙂

5. Jewelry. Most of my “special” pieces have a story tied to them. I simply can’t keep them tucked away for a special occasion because whenever I wear them I am immediately reminded of the story behind them…. and that naturally puts a smile on my face.

Moral of the story? Make each day special by indulging in life’s little pleasures 🙂

IMG_1038{Whole foods lunch and shopping trip! Totally replicated this salad for my lunch tomorrow.}

sushi feast{Sushi feast for Saturday night dinner in…. and see, champagne again :)}

IMG_1059{I’ve been told that I need to avoid dairy for a few months… so these were a delicious alternative to my usual frozen-yogurt indulgence of the weekend.}

White shirt and coffee{Sunday coffee date! See below for the winner of The Ropes Main giveaway!}


IMG_1286{Purchased this little pumpkin and these festive flowers}

leopard pumps{Leopard pumps + boyfriend jeans are a new favorite combo}

If you follow along on Instagram you know that Allison has been frolicking in the vineyards up in San Luis Obispo. Be sure to stay tuned later this week for her guide to the Central Coast wineries.

Corey is the winner of The Ropes Main giveaway! Be sure to e-mail us at shannonpulsifer@gmail.com with your mailing information so we can get you your bracelet ASAP 🙂

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