Little White Skirt

white skirt

I’m someone who always wants to know “why.” Why did you do that? Why is it done that way? I’ve had multiple conversations with friends and co-workers about their cultural and religious norms. Not because I’m nosy, but because I love to have knowledge and understanding. Both of which I feel creates tolerance and acceptance. My curiosity can have depth and be quite surface level and with the coming and going of Labor Day and the age old rule of “No White After Labor Day,” my curiosity turned to the reasons why. After a little research it all basically boiled down to one word: Snobbery. In case you are curious, the billionaires of the early 1900’s decided that white was meant for “resorting” and “outdoor dinner” parties, not for cooler, indoor dinner parties of the fall and winter months. Yeah, it doesn’t make much logical sense. In fact, it’s slightly rigid if you ask me. If I was following their rule I could saunter into a poolside soireé wearing a white wool jacket… Yeah, that wouldn’t work. So, since I detest all things “snobbery,” I logically don’t follow this rule. Hence, this little white skirt.

It’s really quite simple to transition white into the fall and winter months. Below are my top 4 rules for making the transition:

1. My first piece of advice? Pair it with darker, fall-ish colors like merlots, dark purple and blue shades, and of course, black.

2.  The white should likely be a heavier material. Put the silks away (I will likely break this rules though) along with the eyelets. Opt for heavier fabrics such as a wool blend or crêpe blend.

3. Pack the summer accessories away… sandals and airy scarves are the first to go. Rock the booties and heavier scarves in darker shades.

4. I waver on this one, but it is worth mentioning. True whites can be hard to wear in the winter months. I may opt for more cream  and winter white colors. Then again, you may just see Allison and I wearing true whites in the coming months too…

white skirt

white skirt

polka dot top

white skirt

white skirt

white skirt

the ropes by main

the ropes by main {Outfit Details | Skirt: J Crew | Top: Equipment (old) similar here | Sweater: Halogen | Shoes: Steve Madden (target version here) | Sunglasses: Anthropologie | Purse: Prada, similar here | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: c/o The Ropes of Main | Silver Bracelet: David Yurman}

Other Transitional Fall Tops:

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  1. you are totally rocking that white for fall!! i love how you paired it here with the darker top and the wine colored sweater and booties, definitely makes the transition seamlessly.

    also love how you state your tips but then qualify that you might break all of them! dying. i am the same way. there are exceptions to everything!

    xo mk

  2. Love this whole outfit!!


    anisa | whisk & heels