Weekend Recap

In Sunday School yesterday, we talked about community, and what it means to be a community that loves and honors God. Now, talking to 26 6 year olds about Community is a challenge I needed to prepare myself for. But lo and behold, there’s always that one smarty pants who just seems to know all the answers and makes you sigh a sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe, one or two of them are listening. He stood up proudly, and said “To be a community means to love each other and help those who need help, like homeless people.” It was a simply stated response, but one that was profound and meaningful. To be a community, to quote my friend Nathan, is to love our family and friends, to help them when they need it, to take joy in their victories, join in their sadness, and, at the very least, try to be a positive light in the lives of our fellow community members. And that is what I like to think we all do every day…and especially on the weekends 🙂


{Golden beets for a Friday lunch}

IMG_0101{Smoothies over lunchtime conversation at Beaming Juice}


IMG_0104{Girl time shopping at Vandevort}

IMG_7405{Wine and toes in the water}

IMG_4796{Date night and a dinner show}

IMG_4797{Refreshing libations}



IMG_4804{Saturday afternoon bike ride on Balboa Island followed by some tasty (and huge!) acai bowls}

This weekend marks 2 weeks before I head to Vegas…Thinking of some fun party dresses…what do you all like? 1 2 or 3?

I’m obsessed with candles lately, and these Rewined Candles from West Elm are made from recycled wine bottles and are my absolute FAVORITE! The Champagne and Mimosa scents are the best 🙂

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  1. i love that, sometimes kids just get it and remind us of the most profound things in their simple speak.

    jealous that you’re heading to vegas, and honestly love all three of those dresses you picked! i would say the cream colored one if you’ve still got a good summer tan left over or the black one with the fringe because it is just soooo cool! plus, you could keep wearing it as we go into the cooler months. i can totally see it with a pair of booties and a long cardigan! whatever you pick, i know you’ll look fabulous!

    xo mk

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      thank you for your suggestion pretty lady!! I’m still deciding! I found a cute romper too… I may go that route!