Pancake Makeover: The Biggest Loser Pancakes


Saturday and Sunday mornings were always a big deal in our household growing up. Every Sunday morning after church, Dad would head to the local donut shop and pick up a half dozen (or maybe a dozen) donuts. And, as tradition dictates, Shannon always had the maple bar, and I always had something either sugar coated or with sprinkles. And it rained donut holes. Not the itsy-bitsiest of indulgences, but a Sunday breakfast tradition.

Fast forward a few years, and we have come to the little known fact that donuts are actually terrible for your health..so we switched to waffles and pancakes. Probably one of my favorite memories of these beloved breakfast traditions, is Shannon and TJ’s wedding morning, when our Dad made waffles from his cherished waffle maker for all of the bridal party. If was such a symbolic and beautiful way of combining traditions of the past with an amazing future Shannon was about the start.

But I digress. Gone are the pancakes of yore, and in with the new, modified hot cakes. These Biggest Loser Oatmeal Pancakes have none of the flour or oil of traditional pancakes, but tons more protein and fiber…with all the same taste! And they are SO easy to make-just throw it all in a blender and your weekend brunch is complete!






Recipe found here


  1. I want to give these a try! They look so delicious. And I definitely need something to trade out my donut addiction for….it’s outta control.

  2. Shannon&Allison says:

    You must! They are delicious!

  3. I will definitely be making these this weekend! Yum!