Weeknight Fun!

Weeknight Fun

There are three types of ADHD: Predominantly Inattentive Type, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type, and Combined Type. I, however, have added a fourth type: Weekday Type. I constantly find myself feeling like I need to get out of the house BEFORE Friday…my tolerance for “stir craziness” is pretty low if you can’t tell. Besides, why does fun have to wait for the weekend, where we’re limited to two out of the seven nights? That’s a pretty low fraction, if you ask me. So, looking for some ways to wind down the long Summer nights (tonight I really noticed how much earlier the sun is setting), we’ve put together a few ideas of activities you can do out of the house while there’s still some extra time in the evening before the sun goes down…and even after! The added benefit: you can do these things with your significant other, your girls…whomever you choose 🙂

1. Picnic…at the beach, at the park, wherever! Just enjoy some al fresco dining!

2. Take a cooking class. Sur la Table and Williams-Sonoma offer some great ones!

3. Take an art class…Shannon and TJ did a “Pinots and Palette” class a while back!

4. Substitute the gym with a round of tennis, beach volleyball…whatever game/sport tickles your fancy!

5. Attend a local sporting events. I went to an Angel’s game a few weeks ago (had to leave at the 7th inning, though)…but don’t forget about local high school games…those can be just as, if not more exciting!

6. Take a dance class-Ballroom, hip-hop…whatever sounds most appealing!

7. Try out a new Happy Hour

8. Have a theater near you that offers cheap movie tickets for old showings? Catch an early showing for cheap!

Check out the Sur la Table and Williams-Sonoma Cooking class schedules!

{Photos courtesy of: Whiskey, Wasted & Beautiful | Laura Carignan | Flickr | Countryliving.com}