Farmer’s Market Salad

farmers market salad

I’ve always been a lover of catalogues. When I was little the most anticipated one was the Toys R’ Us Christmas catalogue. Filled with dozens of items I didn’t need, but coveted, I would go through the pages and circle the toys my little heart desired. Then I would politely hand it to “Santa” and attempt to stay on the “good list” for the remainder of the year (this typically involved not tattling on Allison and having manners at the dinner table…). While I’ve grown out of Toys R’ Us, I still have a love for receiving the glossy catalogue pages in the mail. A few favorites? Nordstrom, J Crew, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, West Elm, Anthropologie… just to name a few. And while my taste in catalogues has definitely changed over the years, so too have the reasons I peruse them in the first place. Their new purpose? Inspiration. From trends to decorating and cooking, they are now much more functional. Which is exactly where the inspiration for this salad came from. We whipped it up for dad’s birthday bbq last weekend. It was fresh, healthy, and the perfect compliment to  the surf and turf main dish!

farmers market salad






farmers market salad

You can find the recipe here

You’ll need some special tools too so be sure to check them out below 🙂

Spiralizer | Tomato Peeler | Tomato Hullster | Tomato Slicer | Slicer


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Great salad….fresh and wonderful for summer BBQs……….