Hotel Room Workout

Shannon and I spent last weekend in Palm Springs and it was a weekend filled with relaxation and small indulgences. We knew that we wanted to work out, but also knew that it was far too hot to do anything outside except for lay by the pool (and maybe sip on a cocktail or two, of course). We thought about the hotel gym, but Shannon forgot her workout shoes, so that was out of the question. We ultimately landed on creating our own hotel room circuit workout, which involved cardio intervals with some body-weight exercises, since we didn’t have any weights or equipment and all we had to work with was our body weight and some space (luckily our room was spacious enough that we were comfortable moving about without knocking each other over!) It was incredible to see the quality and intensity of our workout with absolutely ZERO equipment (including shoes!), and we were absolutely satisfied (and sweaty) after a solid 30 minutes. So, we’ve decided to share it with you, since virtually everyone can do this workout, since its requirements are simply about 12-15 ft of space. Talk about no excuses, right?!

3 rounds of:

1 minute Lateral Shuffle from wall to wall

1 minute V-Ups

1 minute Jumping Jacks

30 second Rest

3 rounds of:

1 minute Plank with Knees to Elbows

1 minute Toe Touches

1 minute Half Burpees

30 seconds rest

3 rounds of:

1 minute Side Plank Rotation

1 minute Burpees

1 minute Plank Punches


And, for all the ladies who like to look good while workin’ it, check out some of my favorite workout pieces!

workout clothes

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  1. Great for at home too! Especially when you don’t have time to travel to the gym 🙂

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Yes, for sure! At first it seems like “This is too easy…” but by the end you have a nice sweat worked up! We were ready for the poolside cocktails!