Weekend Recap

Shannon and I swaped roles this weekend. She, ever the planner, and not one for “lazy saturdays” and R & R, spent the weekend relaxing and reconnecting with TJ (with the exception of a brunch or two with friends). It’s been an incredibly busy July for them, so to have a night or two in was an itsy bitsy treasure that they took full advantage of this weekend. As for me, the “N/A: No Agenda” princess (our dad is the king of that domain), I had my weekend stuffed to the brim with activity. Saturday night I celebrated my birthday (a bit prematurely, admittedly) with my closest friends. We spent the night bowling and dancing at the beach, and it was as close to perfect as it gets. Sometimes it’s good to switch things up, and break out of our normal routines-I needed a weekend with  lots of activity this weekend, and Shannon needed a weekend to just, as I say, “chill.” Keeps us on our toes, right?


{Began the weekend with a wake-up call- an iced coffee/ latte sister date}


 {A cocktail with a view to welcome the weekend}


{An outdoor picnic with some bubbles and fresh fruit is always a good idea!}


{Fireside rose…cuddling up with this soft blanket and the hubby!}



{Fresh fruit and blooms from the Anaheim Packing District}



{Mommy/Doggy date…they grow up so fast!}

IMG_8790{Sweet, thoughtful birthday gifts from my dearest friends}